Center for Perceptual Systems

Jake Whritner

B.A., New York University;, M.A., The University of Kent

Jake Whritner



Jake earned his B.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University and his M.A. in Film from the University of Kent. After graduation, he spent a year as a Lab/Tech Assistant in the Cognitive and Data Science Lab at the University of Rutgers–Newark where he studied visual perception and natural scene statistics.

Jake is a member of the Center for Perceptual Systems and the Huk Vision/Decision Lab. He is being advised by Dr. Alex Huk and collaborates with Drs. Mary Hayhoe and Lawrence Cormack. His research focuses on the study of 3D motion perception. In particular, how the primate visual system makes use of a small amount of motion information in a noisy, 3D environment to generate predictions of where objects will be at a future time. This is referred to as motion extrapolation and is a problem of critical importance for the survival of primates. The problem is especially difficult because the system is required to reconstruct a 3D world from 2D images on the retinae. Jake is interested in how this transformation happens and what trade-offs the system faces given varying time and task constraints.