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Creative Writing Certificate Program

Illustration by Valerie Tran

Creative Writing Certificate Applications Now Being Accepted

The Creative Writing Certificate Program is currently accepting applications for new admissions in the Fall 2022 Semester.  Please review the requirements for completing the certificate program.

The PRIORITY Deadline for applications (March 15th) has passed, but we will continue to accept applications for available seats until July.  Please be aware that classes are limited.

Applications submitted by March 15th will receive decisions before the spring advising period begins.

  • Applicants in Fiction need to submit a writing sample of up to 2,500 words.  The sample can consist of one story, several stories, or a novel excerpt. 

  • Applicants in Poetry need to submit up to 5 pages of poetry, which can consist of one poem or several poems. 

Please label your writing sample filename as follows: Last name_First name_EID

The application has TWO parts:

The Undergraduate Creative Writing Program is a subset of the UT English Department.

Winners of the 2022 Parker and Kruger Writing Awards will be announced in early May! 

  • James Forrest Parker was a Greenville, Texas, native who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1948. After retiring from the United States Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Parker served as a Professor of English at various University of California campuses for more than 30 years. He was an avid golfer and reader, a member of the Sierra Club, and enjoyed traveling around the world. A great friend to the Department of English, our writing contests are named in his honor.  Categories include Fiction, Poetry, and Literary Criticism.  The Parker contests are open to all UT-Austin undergraduate English majors and Creative Writing Certificate students. 


    Fania Feldman Kruger was born in 1893 in Sevastapol, Russia, on the shores of the Black Sea. There, she was witness to atrocities committed by Cossack troops against her family and others. In fear for their safety, Fania’s family escaped to the United States in 1908. These experiences inform her poems, which address persecution, injustice, and terror; they also reveal an abiding love of family and Jewish culture. Through her poetry, Fania demonstrates a deep compassion for all humanity and a commitment to human rights. Later in life, Fania settled in Austin, Texas, and frequented courses and lectures on the UT-Austin campus. The Kruger Fellowship honors Fiction and Poetry that is characterized by the vision of social justice that is the hallmark of Fania’s poems.  The Fania Kruger Fellowship competition is open to all currently enrolled UT-Austin graduate and undergraduate students in any major.

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Ongoing Opportunities

Check back often for more links to publishing, contest, and internship opportunities.

The Writers' League of Texas provides internship, networking, literary, and educational opportunities in Austin and around the state, as well as an annual conference featuring literary agents and editors. 

The Texas Book Festival, one of the largest in the country, takes place annually in late October / early November, but offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Poets and Writers magazine lists contests, fellowships, grants, and literary journals for writers of all levels. 

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