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Congratulations to the winners of the English Department Writing Contests for Spring 2021!

James F. Parker Writing Contests 

Parker Fiction                                    

1st Place       Sloane Smith          
                      “To the Ocean”                 

Runner up     Finn Chlebowski      
                      “The House Where They Go To Die”    

Runner up     Grace Leake           
                      “The Poetries of Small Creatures”     

Runner up     Kim Ly                   
                      “A Love Story”                                 


Parker Poetry                         

1st Place       Fareena Arefeen       
                      “More Lines for the Fortune Cookie”

Runner up     Lucas Francisco          

Runner up     Bethany Errickson      
                      “Adult Almanac” 


Parker Literary Criticism            

1st Place       Kerri Kilmer              
                      "‘[G]irlish Passion and Vanity’: Female
                        Anger and Sympathy in George Eliot’s
                        Early Novels”     

Runner up     Emma Allen                
                      “'Dispersed are We': Preservation of English
                        Identity in Woolf’s Between the Acts"   


Fania Kruger Fellowship in Writing

Kruger Fiction            

1st Place       Alejandro Puyana      
                      “Freedom is a Feast”             

Runner up     Megan Leal                
                      “Mariposa, ¿Estás Bien?”      

Runner up     Mmeso Onuoha          
                      “Mickey Mouse Hairstyle”     


Kruger Poetry                                  

1st Place       C. Samuel Rees          

Runner up     Joshua Balicki             
                       “Internal Monologue”

Runner up     Maryan Nagy Captan   
                       “Overheard in a Living Room in


Creative Writing Certificate Applications

The Priority Deadline (April 15th, 2021) has passed. 

External transfer students can still apply to the Creative Writing Certificate Program through July 18, 2021.

Applicants in Fiction must submit a writing sample of up to 2,500 words.  The sample can consist of one story, several stories, or a novel excerpt. 

Applicants in Poetry must include up to 5 pages of poetry, which can consist of one poem or several poems. 

Make sure to include your Name and EID on the writing sample and in the file name as follows: Last_First_EID

The application has TWO parts:

1) Fill out the Creative Writing Certificate Application Form

2) Submit writing samples via email to:



The Writers' League of Texas provides internship, networking, literary, and educational opportunities in Austin and around the state, as well as an annual conference featuring literary agents and editors. 

The Texas Book Festival, one of the largest in the country, takes place annually in late October / early November, but offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Poets and Writers magazine lists contests, fellowships, grants, and literary journals for writers of all levels. 

Check back often for more links to publishing, contest, and internship opportunities.

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Director of the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program

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