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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies oversees matters concerning faculty appointments and promotions for faculty who have a 0% or greater appointment in WGS. (Please note that it is the Steering Committee of CWGS which is our main governance body.) It is a 12 person committee with a mix of full, associate, and assistant professors or lecturers. Most of the members are elected (for one or two year terms) and some are appointed by the director for one year terms.

The EC is elected each fall to serve from October through the following September. The committee is elected by all faculty with 0% or greater appointments. The EC will meet, as needed, to deal with appointment and promotion issues. Under the terms of our governance guidelines, all WGS faculty members who are tenured are considered eligible for election. Untenured faculty members may be eligible for election if they choose to be.


The Executive Committee for the Center for Women's Studies shall be constituted from University faculty who elect a zero-percent or greater appointment in the Center for Women's Studies.

All these University faculty shall have voting rights for the purpose of electing the Executive Committee. The Director of the Center shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee. The other 10 to 12 members of the Executive Committee will be selected from the following four categories:

Category 1: 3 full professors serving 2-year terms
Category 2: 3 associate professors serving 2-year terms [1/2 of the full and associate professors will be elected each year]
Category 3: up to 2 assistant professors and lecturers serving one-year terms
Category 4: 4 faculty selected by the Director for one-year terms to insure diversity among the colleges and schools

All faculty with a zero-percent or greater appointment will be considered eligible for election to the Executive Committee each year unless (1) they have served the previous year and request removal from the ballot for the next term of appointment, (2) they have partial or full leave for the academic years of the forthcoming term, 3) they are assistant professors or lecturers, who may withdraw from election if they so choose, or 4) they petition to the Director.

All faculty will vote for the candidates in the three voting categories (1, 2, and 3). A faculty person will have the same number of votes in a specific category as the number of vacancies in that category. So, for example, if two vacancies exist in the full professor category, a faculty person may vote for up to two candidates.

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