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Registration Announcements, Forms, Rules

Latest Update April 10, 2019:

NOTE: A number of seats in WGS courses will be restricted to WGS MA and BA majors only.  WGS 390, 391, and WGS 392 are restricted to the WGS MA cohort, pre-approved WGS Portfolio students, and undergraduate students who obtain consent.  Appointments in BUR 540 with WGS academic advisor are available here:

Courses requiring instructor consent or special permission are listed below.

During early registration, courses will be restricted to WGS students only.

Summer/Fall 2019 Registration occurs April 22-May 3.  Classes will be restricted during early registration to WGS undergraduate, graduate, and Portfolio students only.  Check the current academic calendar to view all important dates and deadlines!

A small portion of seats in WGS classes will remain reserved for WGS majors and incoming WGS MA students throughout registration and add/drop periods in August.  Students from outside WGS should join Waitlists through the Registration System if the option is available.  Always indicate a SWAP CLASS when joining the Waitlist.

How to use the waitlist system.


Restrictions/Reservations will be reduced/more seats will be released to non-WGS students on May 2nd; with more seats being released WGS in August.

Note to WGS Graduate Portfolios and Undergrad Minors

The online registration system will not know if you are a Minor or Portfolio student.  If you are interested in a class, please send an email to Alma Jackie Salcedo.  Include your UT EID and the unique number of the class.  More information on the WGS Graduate Portfolio Program can be found here.  WGS Graduate Portfolio Students may not take undergraduate courses towards their Graduate Portfolio.  The WGS 394 Conference Course is available as alternative for enrollment in relevant topic courses.

For a list of courses of interest to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing LGBTQ Studies, click on the tab for “Courses” on the LGBTQ Studies website:


Consent of the department is required for some undergraduate courses.  Depending on seats available, students will be cleared to add the course online.  During the last day of early registration, restrictions will be lifted and students will be able to add/drop without contacting WGS (except for courses requiring special consent).

Adding the Minor or Certificates

The WGS and LGBTQ Studies minors and certificates are explained here:
These program have open applications.  Students should apply to these when visiting with their primary academic advisor (of their major/home department).
To schedule an appointment the WGS academic advisor, please use .


If a class is Closed.

Try adding it under a cross-listing or the home department's section (explained here).

Alternately, we recommend visiting the class during the first day.  The professor might let in additional students who show intiative and sincere interest.

WGS BA Degree Requirements Offered Once a Year

Summer 2019- *special offerings*:
WGS 303 Intro to LGBTQ Studies, WGS 305 Intro to Women's & Gender Studies
Fall 2019:
WGS 305 Intro to Women's & Gender Studies
WGS 303 Intro to LGBTQ Studies
WGS 335-1 Confronting LGBTQ Oppression, requires application for 2019-2020.
WGS 356 Intro to Feminist Research Methods
Spring 2020:
WGS 335-2 Facilitating Dialogues on LGBTQ Oppression
WGS 350 Feminist Theory
WGS 379S Senior Seminar

Graduate Courses
WGS 391 Feminist Theories will be offered in Fall 2019
WGS 392 Research Methods will be offered in Spring 2020


Individual Instruction (Internship, Thesis, and Conference Course) classes will require an Approval Form.

WGS will not clear students to register for these courses until the proper paperwork has been turned in.

Read more about the Internship and obtain the Approval Form.

Read more about the Conference Course and obtain the Approval Form.

Read more about the Graduate Thesis/Report and obtain the Approval Forms. (Note that WGS 698A and WGS 698B has different forms)

Read more about the Undergraduate Thesis and obtain the Approval Form.


If you are trying to add a class late.

Check the current academic calendar to view all important dates and deadlines!  Please attend the class if you are trying to add it after the first class day.  It is more difficult to add students who have missed class meetings.  WGS requires instructor permission to add students to courses after the 4th class day.  Approval to add the class from the professor can be sent (with the student's UT EID and course unique number) in an email to Alma Jackie Salcedo.


Additional Questions

If you have questions about adding a class, you may send an email to Alma Jackie Salcedo - please include your UT EID and the unique number of the class. Emails will be answered first come, first serve and are preferred over phone calls (512 475-7858). Registration is usually a busy time, so a reply might take a few days. Thank you for your patience!


Courses Requiring Special Consent

The following instructors require students obtain consent before enrolling in their course, you will need to contact them via email.  Most faculty email addresses can be found in the UT Directory.  Please forward their consent to the WGS Academic Advisor.

WGS 305 Intro to Women's & Gender Studies is restricted to WGS majors and minors.  Minors will need to send their UT EID to the WGS Academic Advisor with the unique number of the section they wish to add.

WGS 335 "Confronting LGBTQ Oppression" and "LGBTQ Oppression: Facilitating Dialogue" require an application to the Peers for Pride program. The Application for 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 is now online.

Undergraduate WGS/History courses that count for the US History Core will be restricted to WGS upper-division students.
WGS 379L Internship is restricted until students turn in approval forms. Watch video on WGS 379L Internship process: 

WGS 391 Feminist Theories (Fall class) for WGS requires consent for non-WGS MA students.  Fill out form here:

WGS 392 Research Methods (Spring class) with Dr. Xavier Livermon requires consent for non-WGS MA students.

Dr. Patricia Somers (WGS 393 Gender and Adult Development) requests students contact her before enrolling for consent.

WGS 393 Feminist Geographies with Dr. Caroline Faria requires consent. 

WGS 393 with Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez requires consent. 

WGS 393 with Dr. Christine Williams requires consent.

Some WGS courses originate in SPN and are conducted in Spanish.  These include courses taught by Dr. Jill Robbins and Dr. Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba.

Dr. Simone Browne requires graduate students to contact her for consent to enroll in her undergraduate sections.

Dr. Carol MacKay does not require consent, but she would like to meet to discuss preparation, work load, etc.  Office hours visit or email exchange would suffice.

The History Department does not allow lower-division students in their upper-division WGS/HIS courses.

The Sociology Department does not allow lower-division students in their upper-division WGS/SOC courses.

More than one faculty affiliate has said, "Please ask the WGS students to introduce themselves to me at the beginning of the course as I have found it always helps when I know who my cross-listed students are and what they would like to get from the course."



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