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Digital Studies


This site combines resources in Digital Studies in the Humanities at UT Austin. 

Digital Studies at UT represent the areas of study where humanities disciplines and studies in information engage digital tools, archives, artifacts, and information technologies. Innovative scholarship in the twenty-first century requires working not only across disciplinary boundaries, but also across schools and units that practice distinct modes of thought. The emergent field of digital studies transforms research and learning environments and systems of cultural preservation by leveraging institutional differences through collaborations that cross traditional institutional units and hierarchies. 

The College of Liberal Arts offers a Certificate in Digital Humanities for undergraduates. The English Department and the School of Information offers a three-year, dual degree with a Master of Science in Information Studies and a Master of Arts in English. Finally, graduate students can enroll in a Graduate Portfolio in Digital Studies, offered by the College of Liberal Arts, College of Fine Arts, School of Communication, School of Information, and the College of Education.