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Classes Approved for the Digital Studies Graduate Portfolio

Numbers following the course title indicate which of the four requirement areas the course can satisfy. Areas are numbered as follows:

  I. survey course
  II. methods-focused course
  III. one course involving theory or disciplinary contexts

Practicum courses (area IV) must be taken by arrangement with the instructor and with approval from the portfolio Program Director.


College of Liberal Arts


ANT 388: Applied Data Analysis.II (A. Di Fiore)

ANT 388: Agent-based Simulation Modeling in Evolutionary Anthropology.II, III (A. Di Fiore)

ANT 388: Applied Data Analysis.II (D. Reed)

ANT 388: GIS for Anthropology.II, III (D. Reed)

ANT 394M: Archive and Ephemera.II, III (C. Campbell)

ANT 394: Critical Media Practices.III (C. Campbell)



CC 380: Digital Approaches to Antiquity: History and Material Culture.II, III (A. Rabinowitz)



E 388M: Introduction to Digital Humanities.I (T. Clement)

E 388M: Rhetoric & Digital Humanities.I (C. Boyle)

E 388M: Computational Rhetorics.II, III (S. Graham)

E 388M:  Rhetoric and Digital Cultures.III (S. Graham)

E 392M: Digital, Celluloid, and Performative Medievalisms.III (D. Birkholz)

E 392M: Digital Research Lab: Medieval.II, III (D. Birkholz)

E 396L: Quantitative Methods in the Language Sciences.II (L. Hinrichs)



FR 392K: Computer Mediated Discourse Analysis.II, III (C. Blyth)


Germanic Studies

GER 382N: Digital Mapping of Cultural Networks.II, III (T. Ries)

GER 389K: Thinking Digital: Approaches to Literature, Language, and Culture.II, III (T. Ries) 



HIS 381: Public and Digital History.III (J. Neuberger) 



LIN 392: Analyzing Linguistic Data.II (K. Erk)


College of Fine Arts

Theatre and Dance

TD 387D: Embodiment, Legacy and Archiving Performance.II, III (G. Mason)


College of Education


EDC 385G: Interactive Multimedia Design and Production.II (M. Liu)

EDC 385G: Teaching and Learning with the Internet.II, III (J. Hughes)

EDC 385G: Designs and Strategies for New Media.II, III (M. Liu)

EDC 390T:  Instructional Systems Design.III (M. Liu)


School of Information


INF 384H: Concepts of Information Retrieval.III (M. Lease)

INF 384M: Theories and Applications of Metadata.II, III (A. Acker)

INF 385C: Human Computer Interaction.III (J. Gwizdka)

INF 385E: Information Architecture and Design.II, III (Y. Zhang)

INF 385M: Database Management.II (S. Gunn)

INF 385P: Usability.II (E. Nordquist)

INF 385S: Digital Libraries.II (U. Karadkar)

INF 385T: Metadata Generation and Interfaces for Massive Datasets.II (U. Karadkar)

INF 385T: Visualization.II (U. Karadkar)

INF 385T: Data Wrangling from Excel to SQL & Beyond.II (J. Howison)

INF 385T: Technology Learning Studio.II (J. Howison)

INF 389G: Introduction to Electronic and Digital Records.II (P. Galloway)

INF 392K: Digital Archiving and Preservation.II (P. Galloway)


College of Communication


J395: Economics of New Media.III (I. Chyi)

J395: Audience Research for New Media.III (I. Chyi)

J395: Living in the Information Age.III (T. Johnson)

J395: Social Media Research Methods.II, III (D. Murthy)



RTF 380G: Ethnography and In-Depth Interviewing.II (J. Straubhaar)

RTF 380G: Social Capital & Social Networks.III (W. Chen)

RTF 384: Media Literacy.III (K. Tyner) 

RTF 385K: Media, Memory, and the Archive.III (C. Frick)

RTF 386C: Digital Identities.III (S. Scott)

RTF 386C: Gender and Fan Culture.III (S. Scott)

RTF 386C: Race & Digital Media Cultures.III (C. Watkins)

RTF 386C: Youth & Social Media.III (C. Watkins)

RTF 393: New Media Technologies and Cultures.III (M. Mallapragada)

RTF 393: Globalization & Social Media.III (W. Chen)

RTF 393: Communication and Information Policy Class.III (S. Strover)

RTF 393: Technology and Culture.III (S. Strover)

RTF 393N: Internet/Information Policy.III (A. Newell)

RTF 393Q: Video Game Studies.III (S. Scott)