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The Graduate Portfolio in Digital Studies

The Graduate Portfolio in Digital Studies can be pursued by masters and doctoral students of any discipline at UT Austin. The portfolio will be certified as an additional qualification together with the candidate’s main degree at the end of their studies. 

The course requirements can be met either by courses taken toward the candidate’s main program of study or by taking additional courses. A list of approved courses is available here. In addition, students may propose courses that are not listed here to be recognized toward the portfolio by emailing the program director.

The four courses, at three credit hours each, must cover three different content areas, shown in the illustration below. Additionally, one practicum course is taken at the end of the portfolio program. In the practicum, candidates work together with a faculty member on a practical research project in DS. Finally, portfolio students are asked to participate in academic events of the DS community at UT.

The portfolio requirements are illustrated below. (You can download a hi-res version of this illustration.)

DS Portfolio course requirements

Graduate students who are interested in the portfolio are encouraged to contact Dr. Lars Hinrichs

Steering Committee

Amelia Acker, Assistant Professor, School of Information

Casey Boyle, Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Writing

Tanya Clement, Associate Professor, Department of English

Lars Hinrichs, Associate Professor, Department of English

Adam Rabinowitz, Associate Professor, Department of Classics

Caroline Frick, Associate Professor, Radio-Television-Film

Suzanne Scott, Assistant Professor, Radio-Television-Film

Astrid Runggaldier, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Art History