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Copy Requests

***Please allow one day for small copy jobs and two days for large requests.***

The copy room in the main office may be used by administrative staff only.  Personal copying is not allowed.

Copying exams

Place exams to be copied in the top drawer of the exam cabinet in BRB 1.116 next to Michelle Calkum's office with a completed copy request form.  Be sure to include any special instructions, clearly indicating your preference for single or double-sided printing, stapling, paper color, and treatment of multiple exam versions.  Completed exams will be placed in the lower drawers of the exam cabinet, alphabetized by last name. 

Please DO NOT put exams in the usual work trays at the front desk. Instead, place them in the "Exams to be copied" folder or give them directly to the front desk staff.  You can also submit a copy request by email to Please CC on all requests. Be sure to indicate copy specifications in the body of the email, including double or single sided, whether you want the exams stapled, and what color paper you would like them to be printed on.  It is always recommended that you check on the completion of your copy request a few hours before your test is scheduled to be administered to avoid any last minute surprises. 

Other Copy Requests

If the document is NOT an exam, fill out one of the yellow copy request slips at the front desk and attach it to the document. Explain any special instructions clearly and legibly. Make sure the request has your name on it. Put the document in the tray marked "Copy Jobs" at the front desk.  Completed copies, other than exams, will be placed in your mailbox.

Department copying of handouts is limited to course syllabi, test review notes, homework problems and solution sets.  Other copying requests such as course packets, articles or reading assignments should be made available electronically for the students in Blackboard or copied and distributed by one of the local photocopying services.  


US or Campus Mail

Place outgoing business and campus mail in the designated slots beneath faculty mailboxes. Outgoing personal mail can be placed in the grey mailbox unit across the hall from the faculty and graduate student mailboxes.  Mail is picked up twice daily at 7:45 am and 1:45 pm. Incoming mail usually arrives at 1:45 pm (Mondays and after holidays mail arrives a bit later). Please allow an hour for distribution.

Departmental mail

Place in the departmental slot beneath mailboxes. Mail distributed about every 2 hours.

Large Items

Leave large outgoing items under the mail slots. (The department office cannot open the US and campus mail boxes.) If you receive a package or other large item, you will receive and email to claim your package at the front desk.

Trouble with mailbox locks?

Ask the front desk staff; they can confirm your locker code or get your mail for you until the problem is fixed.

Fax machine

The department's fax number is 471-3510. The machine is located in the department office BRB 1.116.

Outgoing faxes are to be submitted in the fax box on Reception counter. You need to provide your personal access code; the FAX transmission charge will be billed to your number as a regular long distance call.  After the fax has been sent, the document along with a confirmation page will be placed in your mailbox.  Incoming faxes are placed in your mailboxes as they arrive. 

Graduate students and TA's who need to send faxes are welcome to use the machine but long-distance faxes require you to use your calling card. Departmental faxes will take priority over graduate student use.

Office Supplies

Feel free to stop by the department supply room to pick up supplies. Please contact Julie Plummer if you have a special request.  You may also fill out a green supply request form at the front desk and leave in the box marked "Typing Etc." Supplies will be placed in your mailbox as soon as possible. Supplies for TAs must be requested by a faculty member.

Currently, the university has a contract with Office Max.  All office supplies must be ordered through Office Max, and reimbursement requests for office supplies purchased elsewhere are likely to be declined.

Economics Department Bylaws

Download a copy of the departmental bylaws here.

Liberal Arts Faculty Resources

The Liberal Arts Faculty Resource page highlights the resources available through the college.  The Liberal Arts website has a wealth of useful, up to date information on a range of human resources and training topics, including promotion and tenure, faculty annual reports, and research.  Commonly used forms are also available for your convenience.

University Policies

The Provost's Policy & Forms page contains a comprehensive list of university policies by topic, as well as links to relevant forms. This is the best resource for all policy related questions or concerns, including handling scholastic dishonesty, scheduling final exams, searching a student's personal papers or belongings, sexual harassment, and observance of religious holy days.