The Economics Department

Department of Economics


The Department of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin is nationally recognized for its research and teaching. It is the intellectual home of approximately 40 economists and 100 Ph.D. students.

We have 1627 undergraduate majors and offer about 70 undergraduate courses each semester, covering both economic theory and a rich variety of topics. The undergraduate program in Economics trains students to think objectively and independently about a wide range of economic issues and problems, giving them insights that will serve them as individuals and citizens. The undergraduate program emphasizes the application of mathematics as well as the development of writing skills. The undergraduate program prepares students for professional careers in industry, finance, government, law and teaching.

Our Ph.D. program in Economics focuses on training students for academic careers. Our program builds from a core of economic theory and statistical methods to applications of in a wide range of fields. We maintain an active set of research seminars which, building upon coursework, bring Ph.D. students to the frontier of the discipline.

(Approximate numbers of enrollment and departmental faculty updated spring 2011)