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Bean, Austin: “Economics of Hospital Investment in Neonatal Intensive Care” (Eugenio Miravete and Stephen Ryan, supervisors)

Fears, Jessica: “Experimentation with Multiple Sources of Uncertainty” (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Hagemann, Garrett: “Essays in Nonlinear Pricing” (Eugenio Miravete, supervisor)

Hansen, Collin: “Essays on the Economics of State Policy Reform” (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Lee, Sungwon: “Essays on Semi-/Nonparametric Methods in Econometrics” (Stephen Donald, supervisor)

Ryngaert, Jane: “Essays on Inflation Expectations and Information Frictions” (Olivier Coibion, supervisor)

Shin, Jinseok: “ Essays on Human Capital and Economics of Education” (Leigh Linden, supervisor)

Toth, Peter: “Essays in Econometrics” (Jason Abrevaya, supervisor)

Weisburst, Emily: “Essays on the Economics of Law Enforcement Institutions and Policy” (Sandra Black, supervisor)

White, Neil: “Essays on Labor Markets, Monetary Policy, and Uncertainty” (Olivier Coibion, supervisor)


Afrouzi, Hassan: “Essays on Imperfect Information and Imperfect Competition” (Olivier Coibion, supervisor)

Cheng, Hua: “Essays on Public Economics and Banking”(Jason Abrevaya, supervisor)

Domnenko, Gleb: “Essays in Dynamic Experimentation” (Maxwell Stinchcombe and David Sibley, supervisors)

Fekrazad, Amir: “Essays on Subprime Lending, Present Bias, and Risk Salience” (Michael Geruso, supervisor)

Feng, Qian: “Essays on Causal Inference with Endogeneity and Missing Data (Stephen Donald, supervisor)

Guo, Xuemei: “Three Essays on Mutual Funds” (Jason Abrevaya and Clemens Sialm, supervisors) 

He, Ziwei: “Essays on the Economics of Education” (Leigh Linden, supervisor)

Jin, Yaran: “Essays on Regulations in the Electricity Industry” (Eugene Miravete, supervisor)

Kaur, Randeep: “Essays in Human Capital Development” (Leigh Linden, supervisor)

Liu, Fan: “Three Essays on Pricing Strategies” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Martin-Buck VII, Frank: “Responsible Options: Empirical Analyses on the Effects of Alternative Transportation on Drunk Driving” (Gerald Oettinger, supervisor)

Rodgers, Luke: “Essays in Public Economics” (Jason Abrevaya, supervisor)

Zhou, Yun: “Essays on Public Policy and Labor Economics” (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)


Bhattacharjee, Swagata: "Essays on Dynamic Contracts: Allocation of Ambiguity and Delegation" (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Buchholz, Nicholas: "Essays on the Industrial Organization of the Taxi Industry," (Eugenio Miravete and Stephen Ryan, supervisors)

Cui, Can: "Essays on Public Finance and Health Economics," (Marika Cabral, supervisor)

Farber, Matthew: "Essays on the Education of Underserved Populations," (Leigh Linden, supervisor)

Li, Yumin: "Essays on Subsidies, Technology Diffusion and Returns to Education," (David Sibley, Varun Rai, and Haiqing Rai, supervisors)

Shao, Lei: "Exclusive Dealing in Two-Sided Markets: For Better or Worse?" (David Sibley and Abraham Wickelgren)

Thomas, Megan: "Three Essays on the Impact of Welfare Policies," (Leigh Linden)


Denning, Jeffrey: "Essays on the Economics of Higher Education" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Ghosh, Neal: "Essays on Applied Economic Theory" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Hwang, Sunjoo: "Three Essays on Contract Theory and Applications" (Thomas Stinchcombe and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Klis, Anna: "Essays on Externalities and International Cooperation: A Game Theoretic Approach" (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Kuhn, Florian: "Essays on Topics in Business Cycle Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Agents" (Matthias Kehrig and Olivier Coibion, supervisors)

Lu, Qian: "Essays on Skill Biased Technological Change and Human Capital" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Polson, Chester: "Essays on the Economics of Education and Human Capital" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Shao, Ruoyu: "Essays on Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security" (Haiqing Xu and John Griffin, supervisors)

Senturk, Rifat: "Essays in Applied Econometrics" (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Sperisen, Benjamin: "Essays on Reputation and Repeated Games" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)


Chacko, George: "Three Essays in Macroeconomics" (Matthias Kehrig, supervisor)

Hollenbeck, Brett: "Essays on Competition Under Asymmetric Information" (Eugenio Miravete, supervisor)

Krainin, Colin: "Commitment and Conflict" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Lhost, Jonathan: "Essays on Competition, Cooperation, and Market Structures" (David Sibley and Dale Stahl, supervisors)

Pechacek, Julie: "Essays on Education, Inequality and Society" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Petre, Melinda: "Essays on the Impact of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills on Labor Market Outcomes: (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Roderick, Thomas: "Essays on Regulatory Impact in Electricity and Internt Markets" (Stephen Ryan, supervisor)

Shoukry, George: "Essays on Mechanism Design, Safety, and Crime" (Jason Abrevaya and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Taneva, Ina: "Essays on Information and Mechanicsm Design" (Laurent Mathevet and Thomas Wiseman, supervisors)


Chiang, Piin-hueih: "Essays on Timing and Identification in a Duopoloy" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Dehghani Firouzabadi, Mohammad: "Essays on Real Options and Strategic Interactions" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Dillender, Marcus: "Essays on Health Insurance and the Family" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Dur, Umut: "Essays on Real Life Allocation Problems" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Kabukcuoglu, Ayse: "Essays on Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Open Economics" (Andrew Glover, supervisor)

Rahmati, Mohammad: "Three Essays on Industrial Organization and International Finance" (David Sibley and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Roeder, Oliver: "Essays on Political Competition" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Rosokha, Yaroslav: "Three Experiments on Decision-Making Under Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments" (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Shi, Zhan: "Three Essays on Adoption in Social Networks" (Andrew Whinston, supervisor)

Taskin, Ahmet: "Essays on Housing and Family Economics" (Jason Abrevaya and Andrew Glover, supervisors

Von Bose, Caroline: "The Economics of Beautification and Beauty" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Wikle, Jocelyn: "Essays on Income Taxes and Household Production" (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Yousefi, Kowsar: "Three Essays in Health Economics and International Trade" (Jason Abrevaya and Bernard Black, supervisors)


Barro, Jorge: "Essays on the Optimal State and Federal Financing of Public Goods" (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)

Dehghani Firouzabadi, Mohammad:"Essays on Real Options and Strategic Interactions" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Dumav, Martin: "Essays in Economic Dynamics and Uncertainty" (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Lee, Seungrae: "Three Essays on International Trade" (David Kendrick and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Macdonell, Scott: "Strategic Political Environments: Gerrymandering and Campaign Expenditures" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Majlesi, Kaveh: "Three Essays on Trade and Investment in Children in Developing Countries" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Mulligan, Karen: "Essays in Health Economics" (Jason Abrevaya, supervisor)

Rahmati, Mohammad: "Three Essays on Industrial Organization and International Finance" (David Sibley and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Shi, Zhan: "Three Essays on Adoption in Social Networks" (Andrew Whinston, chairman)

Wilson, Michael Scott: "Individuals' Decisions and Group Behavior in Financial Economics" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Yousefi, Kowsar: "Three Essays on Health Economics and International Trade" (Jason Abrevaya and Bernard Black, supervisors)

Zebian, Firas: "Essays on Public Finance" (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)