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Every year the Economics department recognizes outstanding students in the Ph.D. program with The Second Year Paper and Teaching Assistant Awards.  Please see below for previous recipients. 

Second Year Paper Award

The Second-Year Paper Award is given annually to the Ph.D. student who writes the most outstanding second-year paper. Recipients are nominated and selected by the faculty. This award is supported by the Professor Bruce D. Smith Memorial Graduate Fund.

2021 Maximilian Nohr “The Effect of Wildfire Smoke on Mortality: Evidence from Mexico”
2021 Margarita Petrusevich “The Effects of Alcohol Sale Bans on Children: The Case of Russia”
2020 Ha Thu Bui “Income Inequality and Variety Inequality”
2020 Richard Faltings "Squeezing More Juice out of Lime: Pricing Inefficiencies in Dockless Vehicle Markets"
2020 Jinyeong Son "Do Mandated Health Insurance Benefits for Diabetes Save Lives?"
2019 Changseok Ma “Early Financing and Transition of Monetary Policy”
2018 Seth Neller “Do Medicare Payments Affect Medical Practice Structure?”
2017 Mark Whitmeyer “Relative Performance Concerns Among Investment Managers”
2016 Julian Ludwig “News Shocks and Uncertainty”
2015 Neil White “Worker Flows and Monetary Policy Shocks”
2014 Sungwon Lee "Identification of Treatment Effects and Their Distribution under Stochastic Dominance"
2014 Carlos Herrera "Unitization: Is It Always Worth the Hassle?"
2013 Nicholas Buchholz "Price Regulation and Location Choice in the Taxi Industry"
2013 Hassan Afrouzi "Collusion and Cyclicality of Markups"
2012 Sunjoo Hwang “Government Bailouts, Time-Inconsistency and Managerial Punishments”
2012 Can Cui "The Effects of Maternity Leave on Mothers’ Health and Labor Market Outcomes"
2011 Benjamin Sperisen "Bad Car Mechanic Reputation with Multiple Customers"
2011 George Shoukry (HM) “Designing Safe Mechanisms: Safe Equilibria and Implementation”
2010 Brett Hollenbeck "Negative Equity, Labor Mobility and Unemployment"
2009 Oliver Roeder “A Model of Political Campaign Competition”
2008 Martin Dumav "Health-related Income Uncertainty and Gains from Medical Advancements"
2008 Maryam Farboodi "On the Optimal Auctioneer and Advertiser Strategies in Position Auctions"

Teaching Assistant (TA) Award

The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award is given annually to two Ph.D. students.  Recipients are nominated and selected by the faculty.

2020 Ivan Larsen, Sam Arenberg, and Shaofei Jiang
2019 Seth Neller, Chi Zhang
2018 Jessie Coe, Julian Ludwig
2017 Jessica Fears, Peter Toth
2016 Austin Bean, Neil White

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