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Room Reservations



If you teach a large lecture class (e.g. ECO 304K) and your TA is not available to proctor an exam or you need additional assistance, please fill out our proctor request form.


Reservations can be made for students who need to take a make-up exam or need accommodations (e.g. private space, extra time, etc.).

Please note:  Due to limited room availability, students are expected to arrive on time for their appointment.

We may not be able to accommodate students who arrive more than 15 minutes late. 

  • Exams may be scheduled Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.
  • Check availability
  • Exams-You can upload your exam or bring a copy to the front desk (BRB 1.116). Exams will be filed in the exam cabinet. 

Tech: LCD projection, audio/visual, laptop connections, wireless ethernet, and microphone input equipment.

BRB 1.118 | 59 seats | Availability
BRB 1.120 | 30 seats | Availability
BRB 2.13649 seats | Availability

Tech: LCD screen and wireless ethernet. (Please bring a laptop for presentations.)

BRB 1.102 | 15 seats | Availability
BRB 1.116K  | 10 seats | Availability
Please note: 1.116K is only available from 8am-5pm

The TA rooms are reserved for Ph.D. students. First and second-year TAs will have first priority to these rooms. 

BRB 2.116 | 12 seats | Availability
BRB 2.158 | 12 seats | Availability

Room Reservation Form

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