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External Transfer

The Economics Department no longer requires any prerequisite courses for external admission to the major.

There is no separate application for admission to the Economics major. Prospective transfers will submit the ApplyTexas application and any corresponding documentation to UT Admissions for processing. The Economics Department is not involved in the application or selection process. Contact UT Admissions for questions related to the admissions application and acceptance. 

You will find more information for prospective transfers on the Be-A-Longhorn website. 

Additional Information for Prospective Transfers:

Calculus is a degree requirement for both the BA and BS Econ degrees. Students should take a two-semester differential and integral calculus sequence, such as MATH 2413+2414 or 2313+2314. MATH 1324 or 1325 cannot be counted for the Economics degree at UT Austin. 

Business Calculus (M 408Q) can only be taken it-residence at UT Austin, it cannot be transferred into the Economics degree.

The following courses/credit hours must be taken in residence (at UT-Austin):

  • At least 60 credit hours of (any) coursework
  • A minimum of 18 credit hours of economics coursework counting towards the major
  • All of the following courses: ECO 420K Microeconomic Theory, ECO 320L Macroeconomic Theory, ECO 329 Economic Statistics, and ECO 441K Econometrics

Transfer Resources on the UT Admissions website lets you:

  • View a Transfer Guide for recommended coursework to complete before transferring to UT Austin
  • Find the UT equivalents of courses at Texas universities and community colleges by using the Automated Transfer Equivalency (ATE) database
  • See how courses taken at other Texas institutions apply to a degree at UT-Austin by creating an Interactive Degree Audit (IDA)
  • Find out about transfer policies, procedures, and common problems
  • Prospective students from out-of-state should contact UT Admissions regarding transfer credit evaluation. International students with course equivalency/ admissions process questions should contact the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC).
  • Find more resources on the American Economics Association website. Although this website is mainly for high school students, it can be a good resource to refer to as you prepare to study Economics at UT.