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Photo of Janine Barchas

Janine Barchas

Louann and Larry Temple Centennial Professor in English Literature |
512-471-8379 |
CAL 203

Education: Ph.D., 1995, University of Chicago

Interests: Eighteenth-century literature and culture; digital humanities; the British novel; book history; textual studies; and Jane Austen.

Photo of Phillip J Barrish

Phillip J Barrish

Tony Hilfer Professor of American and British Literature |
512-471-7840 |
PAR 130

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

Interests: American literature 1870-1930; medicine and literature.

Photo of Lance Bertelsen

Lance Bertelsen

Professor |
512-471-8769 |
PAR 314

Education: Ph.D., 1979, University of Washington

Interests: Eighteenth-century British literature and culture; representations of World War II.

Mary E Blockley

Professor |
512-471-8362 |
PAR 320

Education: Ph.D., 1984, Yale University

Interests: Old English language and literature; history of the English language; medieval manuscripts; Germanic philology.

Photo of Douglas S Bruster

Douglas S Bruster

Mody C. Boatright Regents Professor of American and English Literature, Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-3635 |
PAR 220

Education: Ph.D., 1990, Harvard University

Interests: Shakespeare; Drama; Renaissance literature; Film; Digital Literacies; Theory

Photo of Evan B Carton

Evan B Carton

Professor |
512-471-8916 |
PAR 223

Education: Ph.D., 1979, Johns Hopkins University

Interests: 19th and 20th century American literature; literary and cultural theory and historiography; antebellum evangelism, secularism, and radical politics, and their contemporary legacies; the theory and practice of the humanities.

Photo of Davida H Charney

Davida H Charney


Education: Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University

Photo of James H. Cox

James H. Cox

Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor of English and Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-8380 |
CAL 218

Education: Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Interests: Native American literature and film; ethnic US literatures; literature of immigration; American literature since 1920

Photo of Elizabeth Cullingford

Elizabeth Cullingford

(on leave)
University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
CAL 313

Education: Ph.D., Oxford University

Interests: Only children, Irish literature, politics, and culture; modern poetry; women's studies; drama and film; Shakespeare; the relation between high and popular culture

Photo of Diane Davis

Diane Davis

Professor and Chair of Rhetoric & Writing |
512-471-8735 |
FAC 17

Interests: My work is situated at the intersection of rhetorical theory and continental philosophy.

Photo of Alan W Friedman

Alan W Friedman

Professor |
512-471-8376 |
CAL 214

Education: Ph.D., 1966, University of Rochester

Interests: British and American modernism; the novel; drama, especially Shakespeare; international programs, faculty governance and academic freedom.

Photo of John Morán González

John Morán González

Director, Center for Mexican American Studies; Professor, Department of English |
512-471-8117 |
PAR 321

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Latino/a literature; Chicano/a literature; late nineteenth-century American literature; narrative theory; postcolonial studies.

Photo of Kurt Heinzelman

Kurt Heinzelman

Professor |
512-471-6688 |
PAR 121

Education: Ph.D., 1978, University of Massachusettes

Interests: British Romanticism 1750-1850; poetry and poetics; creative writing; archives and collecting; modernism and cultural economics.

Photo of Geraldine Heng

Geraldine Heng

Professor |
512-471-7480 |
PAR 213

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Bret Anthony Johnston

Professor |
James A. Michener Center For Writers

Photo of Martin W Kevorkian

Martin W Kevorkian

Chair |
512-471-4991 |
CAL 226E

Education: Ph.D., 2000, University of California Los Angeles

Interests: American Renaissance (mid-nineteenth-century New England literary culture); technology and race.

Peter LaSalle

Susan Taylor McDaniel Regents Professor in Creative Writing |
512-471-8113 |
PAR 24

Education: B.A., Harvard University, 1969, M.A., University of Chicago, 1972

Photo of James N Loehlin

James N Loehlin

Shakespeare at Winedale Regents Professor; University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-4993 |
CAL 205

Education: Ph.D., 1993, Stanford University

Interests: Shakespeare in performance (stage and film); Renaissance drama; modern drama.

Photo of Mark Garrett Longaker

Mark Garrett Longaker

Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing |

Education: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Carol H MacKay

University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-8970 |
PAR 221

Education: Ph.D., 1979, University of California Los Angeles

Interests: Victorian novel; women's studies; autobiography; authors: William Makepeace Thackeray, Charles Dickens, Julia Margaret Cameron, Anne Thackeray Ritchie, Annie Besant, Elizabeth Robins, Virginia Woolf.

Elizabeth McCracken

James A. Michener Chair in Creative Writing |
CAL 317

Education: M.F.A., 1990, University of Iowa

Photo of Lisa L Moore

Lisa L Moore

Archibald A. Hill Regents Professor in American and English Literature and Director of the LGBTQ Studies Program |
512-471-1837 |
CAL 216

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

Interests: Eighteenth-century English and American literature; women's literature; LGBT literature and culture; poetry and poetics; visual studies and garden history; feminist and queer theory; history of sexuality.

Photo of Gretchen Murphy

Gretchen Murphy

Professor |
512-471-8532 |
CAL 311

Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of Washington

Interests: U.S. Literature and culture to 1914; nationalism and imperialism; sentimental and domestic writing.

Photo of Lisa Olstein

Lisa Olstein

Professor |
512-471-6095 |
CAL 315

Education: M.F.A., 2003, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Interests: poetry, poetic prose, creative process, interdisciplinary artistic collaboration

Photo of Wayne A Rebhorn

Wayne A Rebhorn

Mildred Hayek Vacek and John Roman Vacek Chair of English |
512-471-8759 |
PAR 328

Education: Ph.D., 1968, Yale University

Interests: English and European Renaissance literature and Renaissance rhetoric.

Photo of Patricia Roberts-Miller

Patricia Roberts-Miller

Professor and Director of the University Writing Center |
512-471-8378 |
PAR 21

Education: Ph.D., Rhetoric, 1987, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: History, theory, and pedagogy of public argumentation.

Photo of John P Rumrich

John P Rumrich

Professor |
512-471-8115 |
PAR 315 and SZB 323

Education: Ph.D., 1981, University of Virginia

Photo of Elizabeth Scala

Elizabeth Scala

Professor, Associate Chair, Graduate Advisor for Medieval Studies |
512-471-8375 |
CAL 213

Education: Ph.D., 1994, Harvard University

Interests: Chaucer; the history of Chaucer studies; the textual environments of medieval literature.

Photo of Clay Spinuzzi

Clay Spinuzzi

Professor & Associate Chair, the Department of Rhetoric and Writing |
512-471-8707 |
PAR 17

Education: Ph.D., 1999, Iowa State University

Interests: Rhetoric; computers and English studies; genre theory; activity theory; computers and writing; workplace studies; research methods and methodologies.

Photo of Jeffrey Walker

Jeffrey Walker

Professor of Rhetoric and Writing |
512-471-7843 |

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Rhetorical theory, history of rhetoric, ancient rhetoric, rhetoric and poetics, modern rhetoric and literature

Photo of Michael B Winship

Michael B Winship

Professor |
512-471-8381 |
CAL 219

Education: D.Phil, 1990, Oxford University

Interests: American and Transatlantic literature of the industrial era; History of the book, bibliography, and scholarly editing; Textual studies and digital humanities

Photo of Hannah C Wojciehowski

Hannah C Wojciehowski

Arthur J. Thaman and Wilhelmina Doré Thaman Professor of English |
512-471-8768 |
PAR 230

Education: PhD, Yale University

Interests: the history of subjectivity; group identity formation; globalization and transculturation; sixteenth-century travel literature; cognitive criticism; women writers in early modern Europe

Photo of Marjorie Curry Woods

Marjorie Curry Woods

Sue Goldston Lebermann Professor of Liberal Arts |
CAL 301

Education: Ph.D., U. of Toronto

Interests: Medieval literature; medieval and renaissance rhetoric and pedagogy; composition exercises in premodern classroom; modern use of premodern compostion exercises

Dean Young

William Livingston Chair of Poetry |
512-471-8394 |
CAL 312

Education: M.F.A. in Creative Writing, 1984, Indiana University

Interests: Poetry

Associate Professors

Photo of Samuel Baker

Samuel Baker

Associate Professor |
512-471-8389 |
CAL 308

Education: Ph.D., 2001, University of Chicago

Photo of J.K. Barret

J.K. Barret

Associate Professor |
512-471-8390 |
CAL 310

Education: Ph.D., 2008, Princeton University

Interests: Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature; the Renaissance future; time; literature and the visual arts; early modern legal theory; classical reception; narrative.

Photo of Chad Bennett

Chad Bennett

Assistant Professor |
PAR 319

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature and culture, poetry and poetics, queer theory, gender and sexuality studies, film and media studies, and creative writing.

Photo of Daniel Birkholz

Daniel Birkholz

Associate Professor |
512-471-8807 |
PAR 225

Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of Minnesota

Interests: Middle English literature (especially lyric); Anglo-Norman literature (especially fabliau); geography, travel writing, and the history of cartography; medieval manuscript culture (miscellanies especially); Viking literature and culture; biography and biographical theory; popular medievalism; pedagogy

Edward Carey

Associate Professor |
PAR 327

Photo of Mia Carter

Mia Carter

Associate Professor, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor |
512-471-8733 |
PAR 123

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photo of Oscar Cásares

Oscar Cásares

Associate Professor |
512-471-8758 |
PAR 222

Education: M.F.A., 2001, University of Iowa

Photo of Tanya Clement

Tanya Clement

Associate Professor |
PAR 218

Education: MFA in Fiction, University of Virginia; PhD in English Literature, University of Maryland

Interests: Digital Humanities, American Modernism, Textual Studies, Sound Studies, Scholarly Information Infrastructure, Humanities Data Curation

Photo of Rasha Diab

Rasha Diab

Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing |
512-471-3280 |

Education: Ph.D., Composition and Rhetoric, 2009, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Rhetorical theory, history and criticism; composition studies; political discourse; critical discourse analysis; comparative/contrastive and (inter)cultural rhetoric; public address; transnational rhetoric; multilingual writing and writing center pedagogy; qualitative research methods; rhetorics of reconciliation and peacemaking.

Linda Ferreira-Buckley

Associate Professor |
512-471-7843 |
PAR 16

Photo of Elizabeth A Hedrick

Elizabeth A Hedrick

Associate Professor |
512-471-8705 |
PAR 226

Education: Ph.D., 1986, Columbia University

Interests: Feminist theory since 1970; gender and science; eighteenth-century novel and drama; Samuel Johnson; history of charity and philanthropy.

Photo of Susan S Heinzelman

Susan S Heinzelman

Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Women's & Gender Studies |
512-471-8736; 512-471-5149 |
PAR 126; GEB 4.208

Education: Ph.D., 1977, University of Western Ontario

Interests: Eighteenth century women's novels; feminism, law, and literature.

Jacqueline M Henkel

Associate Professor |
512-471-4942 |
PAR 14

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of Minnesota

Interests: The relation of linguistics to literary criticism; ordinary language philosophy; narrative theory; language and gender.

Photo of Lars Hinrichs

Lars Hinrichs

Associate Professor |
512-471-8755 |
PAR 219

Education: Ph.D., 2006, English Linguistics, University of Freiburg

Interests: Sociolinguistics; anthropological linguistics; corpus linguistics, Pidgins and Creoles; computer-mediated communication.

Photo of Neville Hoad

Neville Hoad

Associate Professor |
512-471-8749 |
PAR 215

Education: Ph.D., 1998, Columbia University

Interests: Victorian feminism; psychoanalysis (particularly Freud and Klein); contemporary feminist theory in French and English; lesbian and gay studies; queer theory; international human rights law pertaining to sexual orientations; sexuality and gender issues in Southern Africa.

Photo of Heather Houser

Heather Houser

(she/her) |
512-471-8766 |
PAR 228

Education: Ph.D., 2010, Stanford University

Interests: 20th- and 21st-century fiction (US focus); environmental literature and humanities; science & technology studies; the medical humanities; affect studies; data in narrative and new media

Photo of Coleman Hutchison

Coleman Hutchison

Associate Professor |
512-471-8372 |
CAL 314

Education: Ph.D., 2006, Northwestern University

Interests: U.S. literature and culture to 1900; the U.S. south; the American Civil War; poetry; print culture

Photo of Alison Kafer

Alison Kafer

Associate Professor |
PAR 124

Photo of David Kornhaber

David Kornhaber

Associate Professor |
512-471-8712 |
CAL 209

Education: Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University

Interests: Modern and contemporary drama; intersections of theatre and philosophy; critical theory; modernism and the avant-garde

Photo of Donna Kornhaber

Donna Kornhaber

Associate Professor |
512-471-8392 |
CAL 207

Education: Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University

Interests: Film Studies

Photo of Allen MacDuffie

Allen MacDuffie

Associate Professor |
512-471-8767 |
PAR 229

Education: Ph.D., 2007, Harvard University

Interests: Victorian literature, literature and science studies, environmental literature and criticism

Eric S Mallin

Associate Professor |
512-471-1697 |
PAR 317

Education: Ph.D., 1986, Stanford University

Interests: Shakespeare; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English drama; new historicism; queer theory; Shakespearean/early modern themes as they transmogrify and metastasize in contemporary cinema.

Photo of Julie A. Minich

Julie A. Minich

Associate Professor |
PAR 227

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Photo of Neil R Nehring

Neil R Nehring

Associate Professor |
512-471-8713 |
PAR 23

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of Michigan

Interests: Popular music and youth subcultures; the avant-garde.

Photo of Domino R. Perez

Domino R. Perez

Associate Professor |
512-232-9434 |
CAL 401

Education: Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Interests: Young Adult Fiction; Mexican American and Latinx Literature and Culture; American Literature; Popular Culture; Film; Cultural Studies

Samantha Pinto

Associate Professor |
Parlin 324

Roger Reeves


Education: M.F.A, Michener Center for Writers; PhD, Department of English, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

UT Regents’ and Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of English, Director of the Program in Comparative Literature |
512-232-5708 |
PAR 119

Education: Ph.D., 1992, Columbia University

Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century European drama; Oscar Wilde; the Gothic and Orientalism; decadence; detective fiction; aesthetic and literary theory; literature and the fine arts.

Photo of Snehal Shingavi

Snehal Shingavi

Associate Professor |
512-471-8114 |
PAR 26

Education: PhD, University of California-Berkeley

Interests: Anglophone South Asian literature, 20th century literature, Hindi/Urdu literature, Literature in Translation and Translation Theory, Theories of “the nation” and/or postcolonialism, Classical Marxism, Ethnic and Third World Literature, Asian American Literature

Photo of Deb Olin Unferth

Deb Olin Unferth

Associate Professor |
PAR 322

Education: M.F.A., Syracuse University

Photo of Jennifer M. Wilks

Jennifer M. Wilks

Associate Professor |
512-471-8702 |
PAR 329

Education: Ph.D., 2003, Cornell University

Interests: Paris as a site of diasporic intellectual exchange and transformation, comparative African American and Caribbean literature, contemporary African diasporic literature, Caribbean women’s writing, apocalyptic narratives

Photo of Helena Woodard

Helena Woodard

Associate Professor |
512-471-8703 |
PAR 331

Education: Ph.D., 1991, English, University of North Carolina

Interests: 18th century British literature; ethnic and Third World literature; american literature, critical race theory; women, gender, and literature

Assistant Professors

Photo of Minou Arjomand

Minou Arjomand

Assistant Professor |
Parlin 224

Education: PhD, 2013, Columbia University

Interests: twentieth and twenty-first century theatre, performance studies, aesthetic and political philosophy, opera

Photo of Casey A Boyle

Casey A Boyle

Assistant Professor and Director of Digital Writing & Research Lab

Education: Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Photo of Donnie Sackey

Donnie Sackey

Assistant Professor |
PAR 20

Education: Ph.D., Rhetoric & Writing, 2013, Michigan State University

Interests: Rhetoric; environmental rhetoric; risk communication; community-engaged research; community literacy; computers and writing; research methods and methodology

Photo of Ana Schwartz

Ana Schwartz

Assistant Professor |
5124718776 |
PAR 318

Senior Lecturers

Photo of Betsy A Berry

Betsy A Berry

Senior Lecturer |
512-471-8385 |
CAL 306

Education: Ph.D., 1994, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Poetry; the short story; the British novel.

Brian Doherty

Senior Lecturer |
512-471-8798 |
PAR 326

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: World literature. The Graphic Novel. Sixties Literature.


Photo of George S Christian

George S Christian

Adjunct Professor |
512-232-7804 |
CAL 14

Education: Ph.D., 2000, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: The relationship of law and literature in the nineteenth-century English novel; the history of Scotland during the French Revolution.

Photo of Patricia M. García

Patricia M. García

Lecturer |
512-471-4991 |
CAL 305

Education: Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Interests: Renaissance literature; women, gender, and literature; cultural studies.

Photo of Zachary Ryan Hines

Zachary Ryan Hines

Postdoctoral Lecturer |
PAR 217

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Chaucer and Middle English literature; medieval manuscript culture; books and libraries; the English Middle Ages. Also, 'Quad'.

Photo of Travis Chi Wing Lau

Travis Chi Wing Lau

Lecturer |
5124714991 |
CAL 403

Interests: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture; Disability Studies; History of Medicine; Medical Humanities; Literature and Science; Gender and Sexuality Studies

Photo of Aaron T. Pratt

Aaron T. Pratt

Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts, Harry Ransom Center |
512-471-6593 |
Harry Ransom Center

Education: Ph.D., 2016, Yale University

Interests: Early Modern Literature and History (esp. Drama); Bibliography; History of the Book; Genre Cinema; Home Video Technologies

Professors Emeriti

James B Ayres

Shakespeare at Winedale Regents Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Ohio State University

Photo of Jeffrey Barnouw

Jeffrey Barnouw

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1969, Yale University

Interests: Literature and philosophy; literature and music; history of critical theory and rhetoric; the Enlightenment.

Photo of Brian A Bremen

Brian A Bremen

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Princeton University

Interests: American literature; modernism; the digital humanities; writers of the Harlem Renaissance; literary theory.

Jerome F Bump

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Photo of Thomas M Cable

Thomas M Cable

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1969, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: History of the English language; rhythms and rhetoric of English poetry.

Lester L Faigley

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1976, University of Washington

Interests: Impacts of digital technologies on writing; visual rhetoric; written argument; travel literature.

Norman Farmer

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1966, University of Pennsylvania

Photo of John P Farrell

John P Farrell

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1967, Indiana University

Interests: Victorian literature; romantic literature; history of social though from Rousseau to the present; contemporary American poetry; contemporary Irish literature.

Photo of Betty Sue Flowers

Betty Sue Flowers

Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita

Photo of Laura Furman

Laura Furman

Professor Emerita |
CAL 18

Education: B.A., 1968, Bennington College

Interests: Creative writing; fiction; non-fiction; biography.

James D Garrison

University Distinguished Teaching Professor

Education: Ph.D., 1972, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Restoration and eighteenth-century literature; satire; epic; the Bible in English and American literature.

Zulfikar A Ghose

Professor Emeritus

Education: B.A., 1959, English and Philosophy, Keele University

Ian Hancock

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., London University

Interests: human rights; language and identity

Photo of Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois

Interests: Writer. Life and Literature of the Southwest.

Ralph J Kaufmann

Stiles Professor Emeritus In Humanities and Comparative Literature

Joseph E Kruppa

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Johns Hopkins University

Joseph J Moldenhauer

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Columbia University

Roger deVeer Renwick

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1974, University of Pennsylvania

Charles R Rossman

University Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1968, University of Southern California

Interests: The nineteenth- and twentieth-century European novel; contemporary Latin-American fiction.

Photo of John J Ruszkiewicz

John J Ruszkiewicz

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1977, The Ohio State University

Photo of William J Scheick

William J Scheick

J.R. Millikan Centennial Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1969, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Interests: American literature and culture, especially colonial and nineteenth through early twentieth century; turn-of-the-century British; narrative and poetic morphology.

Thomas F Staley

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1962, University of Pittsburgh

Interests: James Joyce, Modern British Literature, Humanistic Research, and Building Library Collections

Photo of William M Stott

William M Stott

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1972, Yale University

Photo of John R Trimble

John R Trimble

University Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1971, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Expository Writing; Editing; Rhetoric; Pedagogy; American Drama; the Short Story

Robert G Twombly

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1965, Yale University

Gary N Underwood

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1970, English Language & Linguistics, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, M.A. 1996, Theology & Ministry, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

David A Wevill

Professor Emeritus

Education: M.A., 1958, Cambridge University

James Wimsatt

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Duke University