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Raul Ariza-Barile

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Medieval European Romance; Anglo-Norman Literature; Anglo-Iberian Contacts in the Middle Ages; Pre-Modern Theories of Fiction.

Courtney C Barajas

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: Travel, science, and medical writing in medieval England; medieval anthologies and manuscript culture; Anglo-Saxon literature and linguistics

Reid Echols

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Modern British Literature, Irish Poetry and Drama, Religion and Literature, Conflict Studies

Jessica Egan

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Contemporary LGBTQ and women's writing; 20th century British and Irish fiction; modernist literature; reception studies and queer fandom; archival theory.

Photo of Lauren Marie Grewe

Lauren Marie Grewe

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: American and Native American literature, with concentrations in nineteenth-century poetry and book history

Pax Gutierrez-Neal

PhD Candidate; UWC Assistant Program Coordinator |
PCL 2.330

Interests: Human Animal in Medieval Romance; Shapeshifting/Transhumanism in Medieval Literature; Folklore; Old Norse, Old and Middle English, Old and Middle French, etc; Animal Studies, Post/Transhumanism, Feminist Theory

Hannah Harrison

Ph.D. Candidate |
Parlin 404

Interests: Rhetorical history and theory, the rhetoric of social movements, rhetorical education, agrarian/rural studies, Southern studies, food studies

Photo of Zachary Ryan Hines

Zachary Ryan Hines

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Chaucer and Middle English literature; medieval manuscript culture; books and libraries; the English Middle Ages. Also, 'Quad'.

Steven LeMieux

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: rhetorical theory, posthuman rhetorics, parasites

Photo of Regina Marie Mills

Regina Marie Mills

PhD Candidate |

Interests: Latina/o Literature, US Immigrant Literature (particularly of the Central American diasporas), Literature of the African Diaspora, Human Rights, Refugee Studies

Alejandro Omidsalar

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: American literature (colonial to contemporary), the horror genre, religion, philosophy

Photo of Helene Grayce Remiszewska

Helene Grayce Remiszewska

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, cultural studies, the supernatural, labor

Ryan Sharp

Graduate student

Valerie Sirenko

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: American literature, literature and the law, object studies, cultural studies

Photo of Jeremy Smyczek

Jeremy Smyczek

Ph.D. Candidate |

Photo of Dorrel T Spitzer-Hanks

Dorrel T Spitzer-Hanks

Ph.D. Candidate |

Interests: Gardening, Masonry and landscape design, Feminism, Music

Katharine A Stevenson

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: Modern British Literature, British Cultural Studies, Empire Writing, Queer Studies

Photo of Anne C Stewart

Anne C Stewart

Ph.D. Candidate |

Interests: 20th- and 21st-century American novel; race and ethnicity studies; material culture; environmental humanities

Photo of Sarah Sussman

Sarah Sussman

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: 19th and early 20th-century American literature, the history of psychology, the history and philosophy of science, the history of the research university