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Edward Carey Wins Guggenheim Fellowship

Mon, April 29, 2019
Edward Carey Wins Guggenheim Fellowship

Congratulations to Edward Carey for winning a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship!

Edward plans on using the fellowship to finish his illustrated novel, tentatively titled A Child Called Bed, inspired by his time as a writer at the Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence. Carey describes Meyer as an extraordinary place where "violinists walked around the corridors playing music, on-duty clowns performed, and resident animals visited the children." After finishing several essays about his experience at Meyer for the Italian newspapers Corriere della Serra and La Repubblica, Carey wondered if he could write a novel about an imaginary children's hospital that followed the experiences of the children inside. As Carey says himself:

"A novel that could depict the lives and relationships of these children – with themselves, with their parents, with their friends and with their carers. I knew that I could never pretend to speak for the hospitalized children, I would never presume to– but that I could invent a new hospital and use my experience in Italy to write a fantastic story of medicine and hospital routines, of the business of healthcare and the dangers of medical practice."

You can read more about Edward's Guggenheim plans here

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