Department of English

New York Maymester (UTNY)

The Department of English is pleased to announce an exciting new program, UTNY, devoted to the study of the literature, film, and theatre of New York.

Students will enroll in two courses, E344L: NY—Stage, Page, and Screen I for the spring semester and E379R: NY—Stage, Page, and Screen II for the summer. Spring tuition will cover the cost of both courses, which Professors Domino Perez and David Kornhaber will co-teach.

In E344L: NY—Stage, Page, and Screen I, students will study the literature, film, and theatre of New York and plan an original research project to be completed in the city. Professors Perez and Kornhaber will then take students to New York City for the entire month of June. While in New York, they will work on the projects planned during the spring course. There will be 3 hours of classroom time each week, but the rest of the time will involve visiting cultural and historical places of interest, going to libraries and archives for research, attending performances, and exploring the city’s literary, theatrical, and cinematic landmarks.

UTNY students will earn a total of 6 hours of credit. The UTNY committee expects the program to cost approximately $4,600, not including airfare. This cost is an estimate only.

For more information, please contact the UTNY Director, Professor James Cox, at