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Chandra Muller’s colleague and co-investigator Rob Warren (University of Minnesota) on the High School & Beyond Midlife Follow-up Study received a $12.8 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging under grant number R01AG058719-01A1. Chandra Muller (University of Texas at Austin), Eric Grodsky, (University of Wisconsin at Madison) and Jennifer Manly (Columbia University are co-investigators on the study. For more information, please see these press releases:

 A recent article by David Yeager and co-authors Christopher Bryan and Cintia Hinojosa,” A values-alignment intervention protects adolescents from the effects of food marketing” published in Nature Human Behaviour at has received much attention in the media. A few of these online media sources include:

The recent Social Forces article "Tracking Health Inequalities from High School to Midlife" written by Jamie M. Carroll, Chandra Muller, Eric Grodsky, and John Robert Warren was featured as the July 2018 Population Research Brief and as a Texas Scholars Work under the title "Why Are the Courses You Take in High School Important for Your Health at  Midlife?" The original article can be found at and will become available via PubMed Central at

Chandra Muller was elected to membership of the National Academy of Education:;

Catherine Riegle-Crumb becomes first Associate Director for STEM Education Research at the Center for STEM Education at the University of Texas College of Education.

Chandra Muller’s (co-authors Evangeleen Pattisson, Robert Reynolds, Eric Grodsky, John Robert Warren, and Michelle Frisco) paper “ASA Migration within the U.S.: Education, Skills, and Spatial Inequality” presented at ASA in Seattle has received media coverage in Time (online), Politico Magazine, Phys.Org, Science Daily, EurekAlert!and the Indian Express

April Sutton, Amanda Bosky, and Chandra Muller’s article "Manufacturing Gender Inequality in the New Economy: High School Training for Work in Blue-Collar Communities" that was published online on June 29, 2016 in the American Sociological Review has received attention in a number of media sources including The Atlantic MonthlyU.S. NewsForbes, Bloomberg Markets, and UT News.
Link to article:
Links to other media coverage:;

Jamie M. Carroll’s and Donald Johnson’s article, "The Brutal Reality of the New Orleans Education Experiment" was posted on 09/02/15 on the Huffington Post.

Jamie M. Carroll’s and Chandra Muller’s online article "What Do Changes in the Intended Majors of College-Bound Seniors Portend for the Humanities?" was featured on the American Academy of Arts & Sciences' blog Academy Data Forum on August 31, 2015.

David Pedulla’s recent American Sociological Review article (co-authored by Sarah Thébaud) "Can We Finish the Revolution Can We Finish the Revolution? Gender, Work-Family Ideals, and Institutional Constraint" was featured in July 30, 2015 New York Times article "Millennial Men Aren’t the Dads They Thought They’d Be"

David Pedulla was interviewed on the Today Show on July 31, 2015 about the role of millennial dads in a segment called "Millennial dads want it all, but struggle to balance work and home"

Chandra Muller was named as one of AERA’s 2014 Fellows: and

Chandra Muller and Sandra Black’s recent NSF grant, STEM Education Effects on a Diverse Workforce's Development over the Life Cycle, was featured in the article “Sociology, Economics Researchers Receive Grant to Study How STEM Education Contributes to Workforce Success” on the UT new website on October 7, 2013: This grant follow-ups up the senior cohort of the original High School & Beyond study. For more information, see the High School & Beyond Midlife Study website:

Catherine Riegle-Crumb’s and Chelsea Moore’s article, “The Gender Gap in High School Physics: Considering the Context of Local Communities,” published online in Social Science Quarterly was featured in the following media sources: 

An article, “Why Aren’t More Girls Attracted to Physics?” by Shankar Vedantam on NPR on August 9, 2013.  The article can be found at

The University of Texas Population Research Center’s website at

In addition, Catherine Riegle-Crumb was interviewed on August 16th on NPR along with others on the subject of the STEM gender gap.  The interview can be found online at:


Rebecca Callahan and Chandra Muller's recent book, Coming of Political Age: American Schools and the Civic Development of Immigrant Youth, published by Russell Sage Foundation was featured in the folowing media sources:

"Rebecca Callahan and Chandra Muller Publish New Book" UT Population Research Center website on April 5, 2013 at

Russell Sage Foundation website


The research of April Sutton, Chandra Muller, and Amy Langenkamp published in the January 2013 issue of the Sociology of Education titled "High School Transfer Students and the Transition to College: Timing and the Structure of the School Year" was featured in University of Texas Population Research Centers website:

Chandra Muller and Sandra Black’s recently acquired grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, High School and Beyond: Human Capital over the Life Cycle as a Foundation for Working Longer, which follows-up the sophomore cohort of the High School and Beyond Study, was featured in the following media sources: 

"High School and Beyond.” April 11, 2013.  Life and Letters.

“Sociology, Economics Researchers Receive Grant to Study Development Across the Human Lifespan.” November 12, 2012    UT Home News. 

“Chandra Muller, Sandra E. Black and Colleagues Receive Large Grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation” February 5, 2013. UT Population Research Center website.

 “UTA researchers to examine cognition, mortality, economic outcomes from high school and beyond.” November 14, 2012.

“UTA researchers to examine cognition, mortality, economic outcomes from high school and beyond.” November 14, 2012.

“UTA researchers to examine cognition, mortality, economic outcomes from high school and beyond.” November 14, 2012

“Sociology, Economics Researchers Receive Grant to Study Development Across the Human Lifespan” November 13, 2012.

“Sociology, economics researchers receive grant to study development across the human lifespan.” November 13, 2012.


The research of Catherine Riegle-Crumb and Melissa Humphries published in the April 2012 article in Gender and Society journal titled "Exploring Bias in Math Teachers' Perceptions of Students' Ability by Gender and Race/Ethnicity" was featured in the following media sources:

"Where the Girls Aren't." UT Homepage. April 8, 2013.

"Gender Differences in Science and Math: The Role of Social Context. Why are High School Teachers Convinced that White Girls Can't Do Math?" article in March 24, 2012 article

"UT Study: Mather Teachers Show Bias Against White Girls." website   March 26, 2012

"Girls Face a Tough Math Problem: Teacher Bias." website.  April 12, 2012.

"Study Finds Possible Bias in High School Math Meachers." in Austin American-Statesman (   April 8, 2012.


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