The Ethics Project

Current Research Scholars

Alicia Armijo is a Graduate Research Associate who works with undergraduate research scholars to develop inventive and compelling case studies for use in teaching ethics and reflective thought. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Philosophy Department at UT Austin. Her research primarily concerns issues in the philosophy of mind, cognitive sciences, and Kant. 


Sophia Schott is a third-year student at UT Austin who studies Humanities and History and is pursuing a certificate in Pre-Health Professions. She is passionate about the integration of medicine and the humanities; she hopes to pursue a career as a physician and bioethicist. Sophia is curious about what we can learn from the past to promote ethical conduct in medicine and other professions. She spent last summer as a bioethics intern at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, where she researched the ethical governance of clinicians in exigent environments during the Second World War. As an Ethics Project Research Scholar, she hopes to explore ethical issues in clinical medicine and healthcare communication. 


Brendan Walsh is a junior, majoring in Philosophy and Plan II Honors, at The University of Texas at Austin. He is an active proponent of avant-garde theatre and living cooperatively. His primary interests are in ancient philosophy, theatre, virtue ethics, cooperative principles, and ignorance.