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​​​​​​​The mission of the France-UT Institute is to:

  • Make visible the already dynamic and ongoing relationships between France and UT.
  • Foster existing exchanges between UT and French institutions and develop new ones for faculty and students.
  • Help organize seminars and conferences with both French and American scholars which explore topics which cut across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Facilitate visits by French scholars, writers, and researchers to UT.
  • Facilitate visits to France for UT professors and students.
  • Organize regular gatherings with informal talks on various aspects of contemporary France by visiting scholars from France, French individuals residing in Austin, visiting French Professors and researchers from various departments on campus, and UT faculty.
  • Open lines of communication between faculty in different disciplines.
  • Make known the activities of the institute to the Austin community, including French companies with offices in the city and state.
  • Raise money for scholarships for students and additional funds for faculty research.