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The Department of French and Italian offers innovative instruction and research in literature, language, and linguistics, as well as in cultural and visual studies.

At the undergraduate level, the Department awards bachelors degrees in French and Italian. Our majors possess advanced language proficiency, a critical awareness of Italian, French, and Francophone cultural issues, and a refined understanding of language, literature, and the arts.

At the graduate level, the Department provides coursework and professionalization leading to doctoral degrees in French Studies, Italian Studies, and French Linguistics. The graduate programs are complemented by Doctoral Portfolio Programs in Romance Linguistics and Romance Studies. Our PhD students are exposed to theoretical approaches in their academic field, receive extensive teaching experience and training, and are able to carry out independent scholarly research.

Departmental staff and faculty offices are located in Homer Rainey Hall (HRH) on 21st Street between the Harry Ransom Center and Benedict Hall. The main telephone number is (512) 471-5531, with fax at (512) 471-8492. 


The Department of French and Italian supports the following Faculty Council resolution on academic freedom and defends the right of all faculty to teach and write about race, gender, and social justice. Here is their statement:

“The Faculty Council resolutely rejects any attempts by bodies external to the faculty to restrict or dictate the content of university curriculum on any matter, including matters related to racial and social justice, and will stand firm against any and all encroachment on faculty authority including by the legislature or the Board of Regents.” The full text is available here.

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