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Department Resources

  1. Auditors
  2. Buildings & Campus Map
  3. Calling & Faxing
  4. Classroom Console Assistance
  5. College Research Fellowships
  6. Conferences
  7. Conference Courses
  8. Course Instructor Surveys
  9. Departmental Letterhead
  10. Department Website
  11. EID Help
  12. Entertainment Expenses
  13. Faculty Leave
  14. Film Library
  15. Finals
  16. Fire Drills
  17. Flag Courses
  18. Grades
  19. Help Sheet Download
  20. Hiring Independent Contractors
  21. ITS Help
  22. Keys
  23. Lost & Found
  24. Media Support
  25. Office Supplies
  26. Parking at UT
  27. Phone Support
  28. Posters, Flyers & Brochures
  29. Printing & Copy Jobs
  30. Production Release Form
  31. Profile Page (Sandbox)
  32. Purchasing
  33. Reporting Building Issues
  34. Room Reservations
  35. Signature Course Proposals
  36. Staff Contacts
  37. Student Travel - OGS Awards
  38. Student Computers
  39. Surplus
  40. Table of Operations
  41. Teaching Awards
  42. Travel
  43. Updating Office Hours
  44. UT Directory
  45. Videoconferencing


Auditors may be allowed to attend class at the instructor's discretion. Ask them to fill out the Class Auditor Permit Form, found on the Auditing Classes page on the Registrar's web site. 

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Buildings and Campus Map

The University of Texas website provides a wide range of maps online, including both interactive and printable. The UT Austin Buildings List includes buildings located on the UT Austin main campus (in some cases, buildings located near, but not on, the main campus are included in the main campus list), the J.J. Pickle Research Campus, the McDonald Observatory, the Marine Science Institute and at various other locations around the state of Texas. Also included are buildings where UT Austin is leasing all or a portion of the building (some of these may be out of state). The UT Austin Buildings List content is based on availiable information and is current as of January in the year indicated. Updated listings are posted yearly. However, should you require more up-to-date building information, please contact the Office of Information Management and Analysis.

For current maps of Homer Rainey Hall, including office assignments, please see departmental staff.

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Calling & Faxing

Please see an administrative staff member to arrange a long distance call or fax.

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Classroom Console Assistance

For problems with classroom consoles (including the 4th floor lab), please contact the Console Help Desk at 471-9666, or use the online problem report form.

All university faculty and staff (including TAs and AIs) may check out the console keys for classrooms managed by the College of Liberal Arts support group. 

This key will work for all the classrooms supported by the LAITS classroom support group. If your classroom is not on this list, you can find the appropriate classroom contact by searching the university-wide technology classroom database. 

Please visit the front desk in MEZ 2.302 between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday to check out a key. It should only take a few minutes to have a key issued to you.

You may keep the key as long as needed as a member of the UT community (i.e. an active student or staff member). If you no longer plan on using the key, please return it to MEZ 2.302.

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College Research Fellowships

For more information on the college’s Grant Services, please visit Research & Grants

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Hosting a conference in Liberal Arts is a financial activity of the University and conference coordinators must comply with University guidelines. Conferences have the following components:

  • Coordinate conference-related activities
  • Negotiate and purchase goods and services for the conference
  • Negotiate and execute contracts and service agreements
  • Registration processing
  • Create a conference website

The Dean's Office can assist the conference coordinator with the last three items. To ensure a successful conference, the conference coordinator should meet with Dean's Office as early as possible in the pre-planning phase. This meeting should take place well in advance of securing any commitments or advertisements for the conference. We will discuss with you what services we offer; your conference needs; the financial account request; registration service options; and our website services. To schedule this visit, please contact John Ward at 232-2476 or

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Conference Courses

Requests for undergraduate conference courses must be made by completing a form available from the Undergraduate Advisor. Graduate conference course forms are available from the Graduate Coordinator. The form must be signed and returned to the appropriate advisor by the instructor.

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Course Instructor Surveys

For information on Course Instructor Surveys, please visit UT's Center for Teaching and Learning

Early in each semester, you will receive an email from office staff with URL for accessing the department's request system for your selection of Finals and CIS. To avoid having to gather information twice, the department elects to gather both Finals and CIS requests at one time. 

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Departmental Letterhead

Departmental letterhead is available in the office. If you would like to print a single page from your office onto letterhead, please check with administrative staff.

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Department Website

Our departmental webpage is located at:

If you would like a news item, conference, award, or other announcement listed on the departmental web page, please check with administrative staff.

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EID Help

To reset your password, use the online Find/Reset My Password self-service tool. The tool provides several options for resetting your password, including:

Password reset e-mail. If the e-mail address that is on record with your UT EID is valid and active (for example, you can log in and check your e-mail at that address), you can send yourself a password reset e-mail to reset your UT EID password.

Password reset questions. If you have chosen password reset questions (formerly called "security questions"), you can answer these questions correctly to access your UT EID.

See UT EID Help for additional information.

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Entertainment Expenses

For reimbursement of meals (Entertainment Expense Reimbursement), in connection with hosting a visiting speaker or visiting student, please make sure you request a payment receipt and an itemized receipt at the restaurant, if these are separate documents. Alcohol charges may not exceed 50% of the total bill. Routinely, graduate student-only events are not reimbursed for alcoholic beverages as a mater of department policy. The maximum tip cannot exceed 20% of the pretax total. Although taxes for entertainment expenses at a restaurant (not catering, buying food from grocery stores for an event held at your home, or from a campus location) are reimbursable to the individual, whenever possible, to conserve limited funds, please present a tax exemption form to the restaurant at the time of payment. Tax exemption forms are available at the link below.

Texas Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certification Form

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Faculty Leave 


Please visit these websites to familiarize yourself with University policies on sick leave and sick leave reporting.

The university policy states: "A faculty member who must be absent from duty because of illness should notify his or her department Chair/dean or cause him or her to be notified of this fact at the earliest practicable time." You may request a staff member convey this information to the Chair or contact the Chair directly. Please read the policy statement as "absent from duty" has a broader meaning than missing classes or office hours. We will not prepare forms for faculty who have no reported sick leave.

Family Medical Leave
A detailed description of this valuable benefit can be found on the University's HR website. Staff will initiate the process by contacting HR when they are aware of faculty cases that might qualify for FML and HR will send the necessary information to the individual, however, it is the individual's responsibility to follow through with HR. You may also contact HR directly without staff participation. Instructions and forms are found at this URL. FML is governed by a complex set of rules, therefore HR contacts are your best resource. Again, whenever staff are aware of a possible need, we will inform HR so that their FML experts can contact you. Although we all hope that this is never needed, you might want to consider sharing this information with significant others who would be making medical decisions for you in emergency situations. Click here for additional information.

Sick Leave Balances
Click here and enter in your UTEID

If your years of teaching are wrong, then you will need to update on your UTDirect page.

The number of years of state service is based on your actual payroll documents. With a 100% appointment, faculty earn 9 months state credit for two long sessions (years of teaching will be more than years of service).

Leave of Absence
Please see the College of Liberal Arts Faculty Leave information.

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For information on final exam policy, see the Registrar's website. Early in each semester, you will receive an email from office staff with URL for accessing the department's request system for your selection of Finals and CIS. To avoid having to gather information twice, the department elects to gather both Finals and CIS requests at one time. 

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Film Library

A film library is available within the department for rental by faculty and graduate students. A list of available Italian titles can be found here.

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Fire Drills

Faculty and graduate students with offices on third and fourth floors, should they be in the building during a fire alarm, are kindly asked to spend few moments - up to three minutes - knocking on doors to alert their colleagues before leaving the building, which should take approximately one minute. Departmental office staff and faculty housed on the second (ground) floor should do the same on their respective floor.

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Flag Courses

For instructions on adding a flag to a course, see the School of Undergraduate Studies Flag Information page.

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Grade changes must be done by completion of the grade change form by the instructorGrade changes must be done online. See COLA's wiki pages for information on the extension of incompletes and the university's One-Time Exception that allows for drops or withdrawals after the official deadline.

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Help Sheet Download

Download and print this help sheet (PDF) for quick reference to staff contacts, printers, and more.

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Hiring Independent Contractors

Examples of situations in which you might hire an independent contractor are: honoraria, performances, translation, indexing. Any time the department is to pay for personal services of any kind, from any account, regardless of original source of the funds, prior approval and accompanying paperwork must be completed by the department. Please provide complete name or DBA with telephone and email contact information for independent contractor. 

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ITS Help

Note: When you contact ITS, please provide your name, phone number, email, and the UT tag number of the computer or printer in concern.

For all problems with UT-owned computers, please contact the College of Liberal Arts ITS Help Desk: 471-5000 or

See the ITS website for UT wide ITS contacts and more information.

Walk-up assistance is available in the following locations:
Mezes Hall (MEZ), room 2.302
Mezes Hall (MEZ), room 4.106
Parlin Hall (PAR), room 125 
Bernard & Audre Rapoport Building (BRB), room 4.130

In addition to providing computer support, Liberal Arts ITS can connect you with specialists who can help you with a range of technologies, including:

  • Web Design and Development (including database design and content management)
  • Liberal Arts Departmental Web Site System
  • Audio and Video projects (including studio recording)
  • Classroom Teaching Technologies
  • Scanning and Digitizing (images, slides, tapes, and transparencies)
  • Server and Networking Support

Spam Help:
The university has a complex system to defend against spam and phishing attacks. However, occasionally unwanted e-mails do get through. If you are the victim of a spam or phishing attack, ITS recommends reporting the attack using one of the following options:

  • If you believe that your personal safety is threatened, call the UT Police at 471-4441.
  • If you can identify the sender’s Internet Service Provider (ISP), report violations to the ISP. Be sure to include complete headers of the message in question.
  • If the message violates the university’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), contact the Information Security Office (ISO). Be sure to include complete headers of the message in question.
  • If you need assistance with this process, you can contact the ITS Help Desk.

See the following links for additional information & helpful tips:


Keys are distributed only by Lock and Key Services, located in SER 101. They are open Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 4:00pm. Picture ID is required. If you are new to the department or have lost your keys, please see French and Italian staff for a Key Request, which the requester then takes to Lock and Key Services for key assignment.

Turn key clockwise to lock, counterclockwise to open.

Important Security Information:
When enteing or exiting the building on evenings or weekends after/when the doors are locked, you will need to lock the external doors with your key. If you are a late or weekend worker, please double check that the door is locked behind you when you leave. If you notice anything missing or disturbed in your office or in a classroom, please contact UT police immediately. 

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Lost & Found

Small items found in Rainey Hall are held in the office, HRH 2.114A, for 7 days. After that, they are transferred to UTPD's Lost & Found, along with any large or valuable items.

The Department of French and Italian is NOT responsible for items lost in Jessen Auditorium, if you lost an item in Jessen please contact the Butler School of Music.

For lost UT ID cards, please contact the ID Center at 471-4334. Pick-up by appointment only. Call 232-9619 to schedule. Valid photo ID required (e.g., DPS ID card, UT ID, Texas Driver’s License, official Passport). Property will not be released to anyone without an ID.

Items not accepted clothing, including coats and jackets. Food and drink containers are usually discarded. Items that present a sanitation risk (soiled) are also discarded.

Unclaimed items maintained for 60 days before disposition. All other unclaimed items are held for auction. For auction information, please contact Surplus Property at 471-7889. Data sensitive materials are destroyed if unclaimed.

Items maintained in Lost and Found include:

Books, notebooks, and planners
Sunglasses, prescription eyewear
Cell phones
Radios, Walkmans, MP3 players
Sports equipment
Computer equipment
Other miscellaneous items

UT staff members who need to schedule a pick up should call UTPD Dispatch at 471-4441.

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Media Support

COLA supports the following buildings (471-9666):

For a list of media support contacts in other buildings, see the Registrar's Room Scheduling website.

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Office Supplies

Many every day office supplies are available through the department. These include:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Folders
  • Paper clips and clamps
  • File folders and accordion files
  • Labels

Other supplies that may be borrowed include:

  • Projector
  • Dry erase board
  • Easel
  • Various cords and connectors

Please check with administrative staff for further information or special requests. We cannot provide all office supplies.

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Parking at UT

For information on public transportation, parking permits, and parking maps, please see the Parking and Transportation Services parking page.

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Phone Support

ITS provides various types of telephone lines, and desksets, to colleges and departments across campus. To request service for your office phone, see the Telephone / Data Circuit Trouble Report web site. For common questions and issues, see the answers on their Help page. 

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Posters, Flyers & Brochures

Please email for all promotional needs. Most posters, brochures, and other items can be created and published in-house, but bulk printings may be scheduled through University Printing, for a fee. Please give adequate time for design, revision, and printing.

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Printing & Copy Jobs

Copy/Print Requests
Please fill out this form or email for all print and copy jobs.

Copy Codes
Lecturers, Professors, and Assistant Instructors need to use their copy code assigned to them at the beginnging of every semester to print, copy or scan to the Ricoh copy machine. Teaching Assistants can use their copy code for scans only. For color copies, assistance using the copy machine or a copy code issue, please check with administrative staff. If you have any issues printing to the copy machine from your computer, please contact LAITS (1-5000).

For further information and print/copy instructions, download the print help sheet (PDF).

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Production Release Form

For use of and and all photographs, video images, recordings of my voice, extractions, and moving pictures of faculty, staff, students, and visitors, a Production Release Form must be signed and filed with the Department. This includes social media publication. Please see administrative staff for further details.

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Profile Page (Sandbox)

This function is used to updated faculty CV's, syllabi, course description, and contact information. The faculty profile tabs — or “Sandbox” — allow faculty members to maintain their professional information in a single location; that information can then be displayed within any CoLA web sites with which the faculty member is affiliated. See the COLA Faculty Profile web page for information on maintaining your Sandbox page.

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When making a purchase using Department funds, from any research or administrative funds, please check with administrative staff beforehand and she will assist you with the purchase. 

In order to be reimbursed for a Departmental purchase, you will need to submit your receipts to administrative staff. Please note that all computer equipment and software must be purchased through the Campus Computer Store, and only with the Department Procard; purchases of computing equipment or software from other vendors will not be reimbursed. Purchasing of office supplies of any sort are done through the UT Market Portal or by ProCard from Office Deport stores. Again, office supplies purchased from other vendors will not be reimbursed.

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Reporting Building Issues

Facilities Services Center-1-2020
Handles requests for locks, messes, heating, cooling, broken lights, broken doors, etc.
Note: To request maintenance attention please call the number above or, where possible, use the online Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS)

This document is used submit a service request for routine maintenance or minor repairs of buildings or offices. This online document is equivalent to placing a telephone call to your specific Zone Maintenance office. Appropriate requests include issues related to bathrooms, water fountains, sinks, plumbing, light fixtures, faulty electrical outlets, spills in public corridors, room temperatures, insect infestations, leaks, elevators, animal control, malfunctioning door hardware, etc. These requests are generally what one should consider part of the functionality of the building. A university account is not required on the document because your Liberal Arts unit should not bear the cost.

Liberal Arts units should NOT submit this type of document. This document will be used by Liberal Arts ITS to recreate Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates for capital renovation and construction projects.

Contrary to the website's instructions, this document SHOULD be used to request estimates or services that are not appropriate for WRS requests. Appropriate requests include issues related to painting, carpet installations, electrical work, etc. A university account number is required, even if only requesting an estimate, so that I can monitor which funding you intend to use should the project move forward. If requesting an estimate instead of performance, simply include mention of this in the text of the Detailed Description of Work (e.g. Please provide estimate before performing work).

This document is the one most commonly needed for service. Appropriate requests include issues related to furniture repair, new signage, rekeying of locks, non-event moving services, non-inventory surplus, requests for recycling or trash bins, unscheduled landscape services, and unscheduled custodial cleanings. A university account number is required, and estimates may be requested. If requesting an estimate instead of performance, simply include mention of this in the text of the Detailed Description of Work (e.g. Please provide estimate before performing work).

This document is used to request Facilities Services support for a scheduled activity or event. The form allows for the ordering and setting up of risers, plants, furniture, trash cans, drinking water, easels, a/v equipment, custodial cleaning before/during/after event, etc. A university account number is required, and estimates may be requested by checking the designated box on the form.

In case you have not yet noticed, Facilities Services recently created a Facilities Services Call Center at 471-8782. Telephone calls to Zone Maintenance, Custodial Services, Landscape Services, and after-hours numbers are being forwarded to this new center.

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Room Reservations

Please see an administrative staff member about reserving a room.    

The Jessen Auditorium is booked through the Butler School of Music school. 

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Signature Course Proposals

Faculty members are invited to submit a proposal to teach a Signature Course to his or her college dean’s office through their online proposal system. Proposals will be forwarded to the School of Undergraduate Studies after your dean has given approval. Proposals should be submitted to your dean’s office by the end of the first week in October. For more information, see the UGS web page on Signature Courses.

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Staff Contacts

Staff List

Student Travel - OGS Awards

Please visit this link for further information regarding student travel awards and requests.

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Student Computers

Student computers provided in the graduate student/TA/AI offices are similar to the computers in the lab. Students should be aware that a daily memory sweep of these machines is performed by Liberal Arts ITS. Therefore, it is imperative that no important information be stored on these computers. For course-related, research, and personal information, be sure to save to a remote location (email, flash drive, cloud storage, etc.). Never leave anything stored on these computers that you want to retrieve later. For more information and support regarding our student computers, please contact Liberal Arts ITS at 471-5000.

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For any surplus furniture, computers, printers, or other UT property,please check with administrative staff. These items must be removed according to University surplus procedures, using the CCART system. Do not give away, recycle, or throw out any UT furniture or equipment.

Any computers purchased with departmental funds, regardless of source, are to be sent to surplus through the department staff. Computers provided and owned by LAITS (such as Generations computers) are returned directly to LAITS for surplus. This includes computers issued to graduate students.  

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Table of Operations

Open the current, 2021-2022 Table of Operations here (PDF).

The 2020-2021 Table of Operations can be found here (PDF).

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Teaching Awards

The University of Texas at Austin and the College of Liberal Arts recognize excellence in teaching through a number of University-wide and College-wide awards.  

A list of all teaching awards can be found here.

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Most travel funds disbursed to graduate students are in the form of travel fellowships. For travel funded by a fellowship, please consult the French/Italian Graduate Program web pages or the graduate coordinator, and submit your receipts to the graduate coordinator.

On occasion, a graduate student's travel will not be in the form of a fellowship, such as when a student travels on behalf of the Department as a graduate student representative, under a grant, or out of their research funds. In these cases, travel must be authorized by the College of Liberal Arts before the airline ticket is purchased. Please confirm with the Graduate Coordinator that a TAR is needed and thenplease check with administrative staff for completion of the Travel Authorization Request form.

For Faculty travel using UT funds regardless of the source of funds, a Travel Authorization Request (TAR) must be completed by the faculty member. Fill out the form to the best of your abilities and then route to department personnel by assigning to: French and Italian Travel (00080). If you have funding sources beyond the FTG such as HRA or other research funds, please indicate in the notes/comments section on the first page what kinds of funds you will be using.

The Travel Authorization Request (TAR) is located at this URL:

After your travel, you must bring itemized receipts to the administrative staff for reimbursement. This includes airfare, ground transportation (taxi, shuttle service, etc.), lodging, meals, and registration fees for the conference/convention you attended. Please note that the University will only reimburse up to $51 per day for meals, or less depending on departure/arrival time. The University will not reimburse purchases of alcoholic beverages.   

If you are applying for a Faculty Travel Grant (FTG), please complete the FTG at the same time as the TAR, and assign to administrative staff. FTGs should be submitted at least three weeks in advance. Tickets must be direct billed to UT through Antony Travel or Concur and cannot be purchased until you have been notified of FTG approval. FTGs may not be used for multiple conferences; you must apply for a separate FTG for each conference (leftover FTG funds may not be used for other trips).

The URL for FTGs is:

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Updating Office Hours

Please make sure your contact details, and office hours are up to date each semester. Update this information online here.

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UT Directory

All UT faculty, staff, and students are listed in the online UT Directory. Please look here first for phone numbers, email addresses, titles, etc. Contact details for French and Italian faculty can be found on our web page.


You may update your information through the Address Update (requires EID) Web form. These updates usually appear within 24 hours.

The information provided in the Electronic Directory is based upon publicly available information. You may choose to restrict all or part of your directory information by visiting the Restrict My Info service. See What are student privacy rights?


You may update your entry through either the Address Update (requires EID) or the Employee Information System (requires EID) Web forms, by filling out a Biographical Information Form (BIF) obtained from your department's personnel officer, or by contacting Human Resources Services (471-5127). Updates will appear in the Electronic Directory in about 24 hours except during September, when all updates are delayed until yearly appointments have been completed. For more information, see Where does the data come from?

The information provided in the Directory service is based upon publicly available information. You may request that this information not be released by the university—including both the Electronic Directory and other directories. Faculty and staff members may restrict their home address or home telephone number by checking the appropriate boxes on the Biographical Information Form or selecting the appropriate options in the Employee Information System (requires EID) Web forms.

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French and Italian Bibliographer
Merry Burlingham
Office: PCL 3.313
Phone: (512) 495-4329

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Liberal Arts ITS can now provide interactive videoconferencing. Both point-to-point (for two parties at two different sites) and multipoint (for multiple parties at multiple sites) videoconferences are available. Departments, faculty, and staff can host or participate in videoconferences for distance education, meetings, presentations, lectures, research, or supplemental educational, informational or administrative programming.

For questions, contact, 475-9400.

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Helpful Info


201 W. 21st Street
STOP B7600
Austin, TX 78712
Main office: HRH 2.114A
Campus mailcode: B7600 

FRIT Main Office 471-5531
Classroom/Console Support 471-9666
LAITS 471-5000
UT ITS 475-9400
UTPD 471-4441
Custodial 471-5072
Facilities Zone 4 232-3980

Forms & Downloads

ITS Request
FRIT Help Sheet (PDF) 
Printing Information (PDF) 
FRIT Copy Request (Form) 
Faculty Request for Leave (PDF)
FRIT Travel Request (PDF)

Quick Links

Campus Map
Office of the Registrar
Course Instructor Surveys

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    University of Texas at Austin
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