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“French Colonial Pedagogy in the Work of Djebar and Cixous.”

Mon, November 10, 2014

The narratives written by Cixous and Djebar reopen the archive of colonial education, and investigate its legacy. In a world posited as cut in two (“Arabs” and “French”), other differentiations tend to be silenced. Cixous emphasizes both the minimal admission of Muslims and the contested inclusion of Jews in colonial school. Djebar, who was part of the small number of Algerian girls attending school and receiving a university degree, has also remarked that colonial partitions were reiterated within the school; yet school was at the same time one of the few places in which Algerians and Europeans could share a territory. Exposure to the profound contradictions experienced at school as they stood for the inequalities of French Algeria anchors the political/ethical interpretation of Algerian scenes in both Cixous and Djebar.





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