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B. A. Degree Requirements in French

Degree Plans:

Please see the College of Liberal Arts Degree Plans web page

French Studies Major (2018-2020 Catalog)

The French Studies Majorconstists of twenty-four semester hours of upper-division coursework including: FR 320E and FR 322E

Six hours chosen from FR 325C "Crisis and Conflict," FR 325D "Self and Society," or FR 325E "Representing Difference."

Three hours of upper-division French 

Six hours of French courses numbered 350 or above

Three additional hours of upper-division French, uper-division French Civilization (F C), FR 349P, FR358Q, L A 321F, or LA 320

French Major (2016-2018 Catalog and prior)

The French Major consists of twenty-four semester hours of upper-division French, including:
FR 320E, FR 322E, FR 326K, and FR 326L* *students taking coursework in the fall of 2018 or later may substitute FR 326K/L with new FR literature courses FR 325 C, D, or E) Three hours chosen from FR 340C, FR 340P, or FR 340T 
Six hours of French courses numbered 350 or above
Three additional hours of upper division French or French Civilization (F C)

Required Minor for French Majors

For students under the 2010-2012, 2012-2014, or 2014-2016 academic catalogs

(1) twelve semester hours, including at least six hours of upper-division coursework, in any one field of study in the University;
(2) A complete foreign language sequence not used for the foreign language requirement. Must include 9 hours total, 6 hours in residence, and 3 hours upper-division.

For students starting in Fall 2016 under the 2016-2018 academic catalog

Completion of 15-21 hours of prescribed coursework in a different field of study than the major is required. A complete list of approved minors, requirements, and instructions on how to declare can be found online. Some minors are restricted and may require an application. A transcript-recognized certificate may also satisfy this requirement.

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