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Blanca León

Affiliated FacultyPh.D., Aarhus University, Denmark

Research Fellow
Blanca León


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biogeography, plant conservation


Blanca is a plant taxonomist by training. Her main research interests are plant diversity, Neotropical plant conservation, and biogeography. She is interested in the fern Andean flora, particularly in the family Polypodiaceae. She continues her work on compiling records on plant endemism in Peru for future evaluation of their conservation status.

Together with Kenneth R. Young (University of Texas), and several colleagues and students in Peru, are working on field evaluation of populations of some highly restricted species, like Orthopterygium huaucui see: "Evaluación del estado poblacional del huaucui y de las comunidades vegetales que integra"- León, Young & Roque 2013 Report to CI-APECO)

Blanca, as a co-author, and Dr. John H. Wiersema (USDA-ARS-PSI) completed a second edition of “World Economic plants. A standard reference” (CRC Press, 2013).  The initial work and all updates is searchable on-line (, and provides information for over 12500 plant species used worldwide.

In 2008, Blanca and Dr. Wiersema began working on a project on Crop Wild Relatives for important crops. The work continuous with Dr. Melanie Shori, and over 200 crops have been completed and the data is searchable at the USDA webpage (





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