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Sharon E. Wilcox

Research FellowPh.D. Geography, The University of Texas at Austin

Sharon E. Wilcox



Cultural Geography, Animal Geography, Human Dimensions, Wildlife Conservation, Predators, Animal Studies, Environmental History, Wild Cats, Bears, Raptors, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands


GRG 326 • Regions & Cultures Of Europ

36420 • Fall 2015
Meets TTH 2:00PM-3:30PM BUR 220
GC (also listed as EUS 346, REE 345)



A systematic introduction to geography of all regions of Europe, from Iceland to Sicily and European Russia and Finland to Bretagne and Galicia. The course is based on a renowned textbook by Alexander B. Murphy, Terry G. Jordan-Bychkob and Bella Bychkova Jordan and focuses on all the major aspects of the European makeup: its physical, economics, political, and cultural geography, geolinguistics and environmental issues. Special attention is given to such issues as expansion of the European Union and NATO, problems associated with immigration and ethnic tensions, challenges of multiculturalism and intergration. A significant portion of the class is dedicated to the analysis of the evolution of the European civilization during the last two millennia and resulting geographical patterns in modern Europe.

Requirements and Grading:

The grade is based on 3 exams

GRG 302P • Nature And Culture

37217 • Fall 2011
Meets MWF 3:00PM-4:00PM GRG 312

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