Department of Geography and the Environment

Muhammad T. Rahman

LecturerPh.D., University of Oklahoma

Muhammad T. Rahman



Natural Disasters; Human Environment Interactions; Middle East; GIS and Urban Remote Sensing; and Urban Sustainability


GRG 336 • Contemp Cultural Geography-Wb

37455 • Spring 2021
Meets MW 1:00PM-2:30PM
Internet; Synchronous

Recent theoretical developments in cultural geography, with a focus on landscapes and the everyday practices that imbue them with meaning; the ways those meanings are contested and are the foci of struggle; and how the relationship between culture and space plays a central role in the social construction of identity. Only one of the following may be counted: Geography 336, Urban Studies 354 (Topic: Contemporary Cultural Geography), 354 (Topic 8).

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

May be counted toward the writing flag requirement. May be counted toward the cultural diversity flag requirement. May be counted toward the independent inquiry flag requirement.


URB 315 • Urb Studies Research Methds-Wb

37735 • Spring 2021
Meets TTH 2:00PM-3:30PM
Internet; Synchronous

An introduction to urban studies research methodologies. Includes sources of urban data, the use of the library in urban research, formulating research questions, research design, methods commonly used in urban research, the use of computers to store and manipulate quantitative urban data, and an introduction to data analysis and theoretical and practical applications of urban research. 

Prerequisite: Mathematics 408C or 408K with a grade of at least C-; Mathematics 316 or Statistics and Scientific Computation 305 with a grade of at least C-; and Urban Studies 301.

May be counted toward the writing flag requirement.

Designed to accommodate 35 or fewer students. Restricted enrollment; contact the department for permission to register for this class.

GRG 368C • Sptl Anly/Geogrph Info Sys-Wb

36355 • Fall 2020
Meets TTH 11:00AM-12:30PM
Internet; Synchronous

In this course we will explore in greater depth and breadth spatial analysis concepts introduced in GRG 360G (or similar intro GIS course). The course addresses ‘spatial problem solving’ by focusing on both the theoretical/conceptual and practical aspects of GIS modeling and spatial statistics.

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