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Graduate Students present in AAG National Meeting

Mon, February 21, 2011
Graduate Students present in AAG National Meeting

2011 AAG Annual Meeting will take place April 12-16, 2011 in Seattle, Washington.  The Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers features presentations from leading scholars and experts on the latest in research, policy, and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience.  This year a record amount of  graduate students from UT Geography and The Environment will present.  Bellow is a list of presentations and links to their abstracts and departmental profiles.

Sharon W. Adams

Bat City: Conservation, Cultural Identity and the Mexican Free Tailed Bat in Austin, Texas

Augustine Avwunudiogba

Expanding Geospatial Education to the Underserved: The CSUS-Community Geospatial Education Initiative

Mario Cardozo

Market accessibility and smallholder income diversity in the Peruvian Amazon

Lindsey Carte

Central American Immigrant Women's Everyday Encounters with State Power on the Mexico-Guatemala Border

Emily Duda

Sports and the City: The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Production of Identity

Jon Gehrig

Boutique Coffee Consumption and Shifting Coffee Cultivation

Ingrid Haeckel

Species effects on soil carbon, nutrient pools, and water content following reforestation of a Mexican cloud forest

Maria José La Rota

Guild-Specific Responses of the Avifauna associated with Coffee Agro-Ecosystems to Habitat Fragmentation: A landscape-level Approach.

Matt Lafevor

Ice Harvesting in Colonial Mexico

Tony Layzell

Fluvial response to post Last Glacial Maximum climatic variability: The Conejos River Valley, Southern Colorado

Robert Lemon

Measuring the Social Constructs of Space: Using GIS to Quantify Boundary Perceptions of Demographically Distinct Neibhorhoods in Oakland, CA

Dylan Malcomb

Advancements In African Development Aid Transparency

Brian Mills

"The Motorcycle Diaries" and the Mobility of Oppression

Niti Bhushan Mishra

Sensitivity of EVI-based Harmonic Regression to Temporal Resolution in Seasonal Environments

Solange Munoz

Squatters and the right to the city: Casas Tomadas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

John Oswald

Erasing the Other: Understanding the Complexities of the Cyprus Divide.

Renata Ponte

What is the Relationship between Droughts Severity and HIV/AIDS Rates? - Case Study: Ceará, Northeastern Brazil

Julio Postigo

Social-ecological pastoralist system's responses to climate change in the high Andes of Peru

Joshua Rudow

The Evolution of Modern Tarahumara Agriculture in Chihuahua, Mexico

Leigh Schwartz

Narrating the Geographical Adventure in World of Warcraft and Other Online Games

Pamela Sertzen

Reconciling the past: a case study of the Caminata por la Paz y Solidaridad in Lima, Peru

Steven Shannon

Socio-technical Transitions in Energy Technologies: The Case of Solar Water Heaters in Oaxaca, Mexico

Ophelia Wang

Maximizing invasive plant detectability in the field using integrated habitat suitability models, GIS, and remote sensing data


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