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Labs & Facilities

The teaching and research facilities of the Department of Geography and the Environment are housed in the College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA), located on the East Mall of UT Campus. Each of these facilities is designed to accommodate the most recent advances in appropriate technology. Most are accessible to qualified Geography students and faculty. Students should obtain permissions and reservations to use the facilities from the listed Managers. Faculty members wishing to use facilities for their own projects should make prior arrangements directly with the listed Directors, or with the Manager if no Director is listed.

When Problems Arise

Directors determine the appropriate training for facility users, as well as the scheduling of facility use, appropriate use of equipment, and appropriate Laboratory Safety Manual is online. Directors have the authority to ban or restrict users from departmental facilities if there is good evidence of violations of the rules, unsafe practices, abuse of equipment, or other inappropriate behavior; users banned from facilities may however appeal their case to the Chair. Problems with the facilities should be directed to the indicated Managers and Directors. Persistent problems may be referred to the Department Chair or the University of Texas Ombudsman charges for facility use. The University of Texas