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Eligible students are encouraged to consider applying to the departmental honors program during their junior year. This award lends distinction to a resume, and facilitates progress toward a higher degree by providing the student with the opportunity to become involved with original research under the supervision of a faculty member.

The Honors sequence consists of 6 hours of coursework across two semesters:
GRG 679HA - Honors Tutorial and GRG 679HB - Honors Tutorial.
Typically, but not always, GRG 679HA is completed in the first semester of a student's senior year. This course consists of formulating the research problem through collaboration with a faculty member, beginning the literature search, and discussing appropriate methods for pursuing the topic with your faculty supervisor and selecting a second reader.

GRG 679HB is completed during the student's graduating semester, and consists of writing up and presenting a fifty or so page draft document to the faculty supervisor. The faculty member will edit and comment upon the paper and provide feedback in time for the student to complete a final copy, which will be catalogued by the University of Texas Library. Please see the suggested timeline in the Senior Thesis Model. This entire honors sequence consists of completing original research and writing an undergraduate honors thesis supervised by a faculty member of your choice.

In order to officially graduate with Departmental Honors on your UT transcript, you must have:

  • A minimum 3.0 cumulative UT GPA
  • A minimum 3.5 GPA in Geography
  • A grade of "A" in GRG 679HA
  • A grade of "A" in GRG 679HB

Dr. Faria is available to meet with you to discuss a possible commitment to graduating with Departmental Honors and collaborates with the undergraduate advisor in this mission. Please make sure you have reviewed the Senior Thesis Manual before you meet. Dr. Faria can help you sift through your ideas and interests and will guide you toward a faculty member who may prove to be a suitable supervisor for your honors thesis. You may already have an idea of with whom you wish to work. Then, you will approach that faculty member in order to discuss your project and solicit input. When you and the faculty member agree to the two-semester honors sequence, you will both sign the Department Honors registration form, with a brief description of the topic to be researched. You can pick up this form from the undergraduate advisor's office and once it is filled out, then turn back in with the undergraduate advisor. You and your supervising professor will set up meeting times concerning your research progress and thesis writing.

Please also visit the Liberal Arts Honors Programs Office in CLA 2.104. There you may obtain a list of Upper Division courses that contribute toward you graduating with Honors in the College of Liberal Arts (in addition to Honors in Geography). In addition to information about departmental honors, the Senior Thesis Manual also provides formatting templates that students should use when submitting their final draft.
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