Department of Germanic Studies

Jürgen Streeck

ProfessorPh.D., Freie Universität Berlin

Jürgen Streeck



Jürgen Streeck studies human interaction in everyday life. He is particularly interested in the relationships between linguistic and embodied components (multimodality) and in the cultural foundations of communication. He has conducted fieldwork in Germany, the Philippines, and the U.S. Dr. Streeck also studies how rappers have re-invented language and how a new community, the 'hip-hop nation', has evolved from new ways of using languages.


WGS 393 • Communication And Identity

47203 • Spring 2012
Meets T 3:30PM-6:30PM CMA A3.130

Interdisciplinary topics relating to Women's and Gender Studies.  Seats restricted to WGS MA and Portfolio students during early registration.  Check cross-listings for home departments and originating field of study.

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