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MA and PhD Core

All students entering the program must fulfill the same core course requirements.  A core course reflects special attention to research strategies and resources and professional development (professional organizations, conferences, journals) in its topic areas.  The core course requirements are:

  • GER 398T Supervised Teaching in German
  • 1 course in Literature
  • 1 course in Culture
  • 1 course in Linguistics

Students entering with a bachelor's degree should fulfill the requirements within four semesters.  Students entering with a related master's degree should fulfill the requirements within two semesters. On a case-by-case basis, selected core courses may be waived, depending on preparation and previous graduate-level coursework.


Knowledge of German/First Germanic Language

During orientation week, all incoming students whose native language is not German or another Germanic language of their specialty area will take a diagnostic test; consult with the Graduate Advisor to arrange language assessments for other Germanic languages.  This language assessment is critical for fulfillment of degree program requirements and in TA/AI appointments, as described in the Teaching Guidelines. If necessary, retake must be completed by December 15. No exceptions to these procedures can be allowed.

Foreign Language Requirement

The student will need to demonstrate reading competence in one (1) language other than English and the language of the student's major field of study for the MA usually German). This language requirement should be fulfilled as early as possible, since the languages function as research tools.  Each student will normally have German, English, and ONE other language by the time they complete their MAs or Core Requirements; students with English and another Germanic language are strongly encouraged to choose German as their first other language, since this selection will increase their chances at employment, both here at UT and afterwards.

Non-Native English Speakers

Students must receive ITA English Certification to become eligible for a TA or AI appointment. Exceptions may apply, please visit for more detailed information. You may also contact the graduate coordinator Kevin Pluta at for questions or more information. 


For more extensive procedural information on all program policies, please consult the program's Academic Guidelines and Teaching Guidelines, or consult the Graduate Coordinator and/or Graduate Adviser

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