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Undergraduate Advising helps you:

  • explore Germanic Studies as a new major
  • with degree-planning for existing majors
  • learn about Germanic Studies courses and faculty
  • navigate university policies and procedures

**Students please remember to include your UT EID in all email correspondence with any UT faculty/staff.**


Undergraduate Academic Advisor

(Please direct all general advising inquiries to the undergraduate academic advisor.)

  • Heather Peterson
  • Available to assist students with degree plans, course registration issues, academic and career goals, university policies and procedures, and campus resources.
  • BEN 2.108 (In-Person Availability W/Th 9am-3pm)

 Advising Appointments

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, academic advisors are working reduced hours on campus.  
  • For Virtual Walk-In Advising (15-minute max Zoom session, no appointment necessary), please refer to the VIRTUAL WALK-IN CALENDAR for availability.
  • Advising is available through Zoom (typically audio with shared screen) by APPOINTMENT, Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm.
  • Appointments are not scheduled via email.
  • Please leave specific questions in the comments section when making an appointment and make sure you receive a confirmation email including your Zoom link.


Major/Certificate/Minor Declaration

  • Are you in another college at UT? To declare a major in German, please use the Internal Transfer Portal.
  • Already in Liberal Arts? To declare a major in German, simply email the Undergraduate Academic Advisor.
  • Looking to declare your certificate in GER? You may request the certificate yourself HERE.
    • Once you have applied for the certificate, you'll need to contact your major advisor to have it attached to your major degree profile - or - 
    • Contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for German to request that the certificate be made "standalone" in order for the certificate to show as official/pursuing.
  • Looking to declare a minor in GSD? You may request the minor yourself HERE.
    • Once you have applied for the minor, you'll need to contact your major advisor to have it attached to your major degree profile to show as official/pursuing.



Fall 2022:

  • Please check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) for your specific window of access to the registration system to enroll yourself in classes.
  • If a course shows "open; reserved" or "waitlisted," please add yourself to the waitlist, as any open seats will be filled from the waitlist. Should seats remain open near to the start of class, any open seats will be filled from the waitlist.
  • If you are a triple major or a declared major/minor in a subject but do not yet have access to priority seating for the class please email the academic advisor(s) for that subject for further help accessing necessary coursework.
  • If the system states that you do not meet the prerequisite for a specific GER/DAN/DCH/NOR/SWE/YID course, but you believe you do qualify to enroll in that course (ie-you've completed transfer coursework that does not yet show on your audit or you have the ability to claim CR for prerequisite coursework), please complete the Prerequisite Waiver Form.


Prerequisite Waivers

To request a prerequisite waiver for registration in a course within the Department of Germanic Studies, please use your UT email account to complete this FORM.


Faculty Undergraduate Advisor

 Dr. K. Alex Fulk

  • Available to assist students with questions pertaining to course content, department faculty, or GER placement exams.
  • Please email him to schedule an appointment.


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