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UT has exchange agreements with universities in Germany and Scandinavia. The Department also runs an annual faculty-led summer program at the University of Würzburg. Additional opportunities for study in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can be found at UT’s Education Abroad. Read more about one student's experience here.

WĹ«rzburg Festung

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Summer Study in Würzburg

The aim of this ten-week program is to enable American students to learn about German and European history, politics, economic life and culture firsthand in Germany. The program provides the possibility to earn 6 to 9 University of Texas college credits in a ten-week course of study. It is conducted both parallel to and integrated with the regular German university semester. This way, the participants are exposed to the normal workings of a German university and to German student life.
The program offers second-year German (GER 612; 6 credits). Students thus can fulfill their UT language requirement by attending the program. More advanced students also can take upper-division composition and conversation (3 credits for either GER 330C or for GER 379). In addition, lectures on History, Politics, Literature and Art History are conducted in English. Completion of four semesters of college German (completion of GER 312L or GER 612) is a prerequisite for participation.   (Read more about the Würzburg Program.)

Study for a Semester or Year in Oslo, Norway

UT students have the opportunity to spend a semester or an academic year at the University of Oslo on the basis of a partnership agreement between UT and the University of Oslo. Students will earn UT credit on this program. The University of Oslo is a comprehensive university which offers a full range of subjects, including about 800 courses in English across all fields of study, so knowledge of Norwegian is not required. The University offers a range of Scandinavian Studies courses which are designed for exchange students. Students also can enroll in Norwegian language courses at all levels—from beginning to advanced levels. Students maintain enrollment at UT and pay UT tuition and fees. There are no program fees and no charges at the University of Oslo, but students pay for transportation, dorm room, and food expenses. Scholarships are available through Education Abroad at Texas Global. (Read more about the Oslo Program.)

Semester or year-long study in Europe:

The Department encourages students to study for at least one semester abroad. UT has exchange agreements with the following universities. This means that students pay UT tuition to attend these institutions and earn in-residence UT credit. Search at the Texas Global website for various opportunities to study abroad using German or one of the Scandinavian languages. Programs include:






For questions concerning application procedures and scholarship information, contact

Daniel Ach
Education Abroad
2400 Nueces Street
Austin, Texas 78705
(512) 471-6965

For other questions, please contact::

Program Director:
Dr. Peter Hess
(512) 232-6362

Download the Würzburg program application form (pdf, 21K)

Program Policies (PDF, 12K)