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Photo of Caitlin Andrews

Caitlin Andrews

Graduate student

Education: B.A., History/Political Science, 2009, Colorado College

Interests: Comparative Politics, Latin America, Democratization, Political Culture, Institutional Development, Peronism

Photo of Brendan Apfeld

Brendan Apfeld

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Political Science, 2010; M.Ed., 2012, University of Notre Dame

Photo of Alec Arellano

Alec Arellano

Graduate student

alec.arellano88 [at] gmail [dot] com

Education: BA, Political Science, Colorado College

Interests: Tocqueville, John Stuart Mill, Nietzsche, Claude Lefort, Democratic Theory, Classical Political Thought, Constitutional Law and Theory, Jurisprudence

Ingrid Ashida

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Carlton College

Interests: Theoretical foundations of liberalism, early modern political thought, classical political thought

Photo of Omar Awapara

Omar Awapara

Doctoral Candidate

Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Political Regimes and Institutions, Latin American Politics

Photo of Christina Noriega Bambrick

Christina Noriega Bambrick

Doctoral Candidate

Education: MA, Government - University of Texas, BA, Philosophy and Legal Studies - Scripps College

Interests: Constitutional theory and development, American and comparative constitutionalism, rights and horizontality, republicanism, liberalism, religion and politics, political philosophy, history of political thought

Abraham Barranca

Graduate student

Education: BA, Government and Politics, University of Maryland, College Park

Interests: Democratic forms, social equity, minority inclusion, pluralism, social movements, constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism and institutional design

Photo of Pedro M. Barros

Pedro M. Barros

Graduate student

Education: Master of Science (MSc), International Political Economy (Research), London School of Economics, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics - Quantitative Emphasis, University of Minnesota; Exchange Program, Harvard University

Interests: International and Comparative Political Economy in the Global South. Foreign Portfolio Investment, Foreign Direct Investment, and Domestic Institutions

Torben Behmer

Graduate student

Education: MA, International Economics, Georg- August University of Gottingen

Interests: International political economy, foreign direct investment, international trade, foreign aid

Photo of Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell

Graduate student

Education: BA, Trinity University (TX)

Interests: Public law, American Politics, Constitutional Theory, Separation of Powers, American Constitutional Development, American Political Thought, Tocqueville, and Religion and Politics

Photo of Zachary Bennett

Zachary Bennett

Graduate student |
Waggener 401A

Education: B.A., Political Science, Davidson College (2011)

Interests: Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Citizenship & Civic Education; Classical & Modern Political Philosophy; Public Law

Photo of Christine Bird

Christine Bird

Graduate student

Education: JD, Oklahoma City University School of Law, BA, Political Science, University of Oklahoma

Interests: Law and Politics, Judicial Politics, Civil Rights, Women in Law and Politics, Human Rights, Nonprofit Organizations

Photo of Abby K Blass

Abby K Blass

Graduate student

Education: BA Political Science, University of Michigan

Interests: Judicial Politics, American Politics, Comparative Politics, Constitutional Law

Photo of Alex Branham

Alex Branham

Graduate student

Interests: Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Elections, Methodology

Photo of Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Thomas Burt

Graduate student

Education: MA, Latin American Caribbean Studies, Columbia University

Interests: Transitions to democracy; democratic consolidation; social policy; authoritarianism; Latin America

Kai Yue "Theodore" Charm

Graduate student

Education: Master of Mathematics, Oxford University

Interests: Conservation for sustainable development, international relations of the Asia Pacific, capitalism and social justice, East Asian regional cooperation

Photo of Thomas Conroy

Thomas Conroy

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science and Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana

Interests: Political institutions and political behavior

Photo of Hillary Corwin

Hillary Corwin

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: MS, International Political Economy, The University of Texas at Dallas

Interests: Political Economy, Economic Development, Conflict, Human Rights, Game Theory, Impact Evaluation

Joseph Cozza

Graduate student

Education: MS, Comparative Politics, London School of Economics, BA, Political Science, Villanova University

Interests: Constitutional theory and design, institutional design, judicial systems and public law, democratization, civil-military relations, and issues regarding national identity and nation-building in divided societies, constitutional/national referenda

Laura De Castro Quaglia

Graduate student

Education: MA, International Stategic Studies, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, BA, International Relations, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Interests: National security institutional design and evolution in the US, Europe, and South America

Michael Denly

Graduate student

Education: MA, Development Management and Policy, Georgetown

Interests: Anti-corruption; governance; clientelism; international development; Latin America; political economy

Photo of Jacob Dizard

Jacob Dizard

Graduate student

Education: BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MA, Johns Hopkins University

Interests: Comparative Politics, Public Law

Drake Dragon

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science and History, University of California- Davis, AA, Political Science, Los Angeles City College

Interests: Ancient and late-modern political theory, history of political thought, structural realism, U.S-China security relations, ethics

Photo of Lindsay Dun

Lindsay Dun

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Interests: Political behavior, elections, computational methods

Maraam Dwidar

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Political Science, University of California, Davis

Interests: Interest groups, lobbying coalitions, minority politics, bureaucratic politics, agenda setting

Alexander Dwyer

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science & Music, Southern Methodist University

Interests: The Middle East, ethnicity, separatism, democratization, language and society

Photo of Connor Dye

Connor Dye

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Economics, Randolph College

Interests: Inequality, public opinion and public policy, agenda setting, Veterans' Affairs policy

Photo of Rebecca Eissler

Rebecca Eissler

Graduate student

Education: B.A. in Political Science, Tulane University

Interests: American Politics, Political Institutions, Public Policy

Photo of Thomas Elliott

Thomas Elliott

Graduate student

Education: BA in Political Science and Spanish, Whittier College

Interests: Institutions, institutional change, labor regulation, political economy

E.J. Fagan

Graduate student

Photo of Megan Farrell

Megan Farrell

Graduate student;

Interests: Terrorism, Civil Conflict, Alliances, Methodology

Klara Fredriksson

Graduate student

Education: BS, Politics and Economics, Lund University

Interests: Political behavior, voter behavior, political participation

Kevin Galambos

Graduate student

Education: BA, Mathematics and Political Science, Emory University

Interests: Foreign policy, Slavic nations

Photo of Rachel German

Rachel German

Graduate student

Education: BS, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Public Policy, American Politics

Michael Gibbs

Graduate student

Education: BA, Public and International Affairs, 2012, Princeton University

Interests: Authoritarianism, civil-military relations

Photo of Nadine Gibson

Nadine Gibson

Graduate student

Education: M.S. Statistics, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Election Administration, Voting Equipment, Voting and Elections, Political Behavior

Tara Ginnane

Graduate student

Education: LL.M, University of Chicago, BA Jurisprudence, University of Oxford

Interests: Constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism, republican political theory

Photo of Iasmin Goes

Iasmin Goes

Graduate student

Education: B.A. Political Science and M.A. Latin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

Interests: Authoritarianism, inequality, fiscal policy and welfare

Zachary Goldberg

Graduate student

Education: MA, Liberal Arts, St. John's College, BA, Government, Harvard University

Interests: History of political philosophy, Tocqueville, Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon, American constitution, American founding, American political development, contemporary American politics

Photo of Kimberly Gouz Guiler

Kimberly Gouz Guiler

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in Social Sciences, The University of Chicago; B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Journalism, The University of Florida

Interests: Middle East politics; voting behavior; Islamist movements; religion and politics; hybrid regimes; survey, experimental and quantitative methodologies

Abigail Henninger

Graduate student

Education: JD, University of Chicago Law School, BA, English and Poltical Science, Wellesley College

Interests: American legal realism, the Technocracy movement, constitutional jurisprudence and interpretation, democratic theory, theories of representation, comparative institutional competence, empirical assessment of institutional capacity

Roman Hlatky

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Vassar College

Interests: European Union integration, former Soviet satellite states, minority politics

Photo of Alexander Hudson

Alexander Hudson

Graduate student

Education: BA, Pensacola Christian College; MA, University of Waterloo

Interests: Constitution-making processes; comparative study of constitutions; state building; e-democracy

Colby Humphrey

Graduate student

Education: MPA, Public Management, Texas A&M University, BA, Journalism, Baylor University

Interests: The intersection of political parties and policy; how institutions are impacted by political parties; campaigns & elections

Joanne D. Ibarra

Graduate student

Education: BA, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: American Politics, Methodology

Photo of Anthony Ives

Anthony Ives

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin; M.Ed, Arizona State University; BA, Washington and Lee

Interests: American Political Development, Congress, The Founding, Early Modern Political Thought, American Political Thought, Political Thought of Frederick Douglass

Photo of Siyun Jiang

Siyun Jiang

Graduate student

Education: M.Phil Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Interests: Comparative politics, political economy, authoritarian regime

Photo of Stephen Joyce

Stephen Joyce

Graduate student

Education: M.Phil., Oxford University, St. Antony's College, M.A.L.A., St. John's College Graduate Institute, A.B., Middlebury College

Interests: Public Law, Comparative Politics, Latin America,

Photo of Jay Chieh Kao

Jay Chieh Kao

Graduate student

Education: B.A., National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Interests: Authoritarian Politics, Propaganda, Public Opinions, Experiment, Causal Inference, Chinese Politics

Photo of Kyosuke Kikuta

Kyosuke Kikuta

Graduate student

Education: M.A. of Law, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Interests: Civil War, Environmental Change, Research Design, GIS Analysis

Woong Kwon

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, Yonsei University, BA, Political Science and Diplomacy, Yonsei University

Interests: Immigration and social policies in advanced political economies

Joshua Landry

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Transylvania University

Interests: International conflict/cooperation, international rivalry, ethnicity and conflict

Photo of Hans-Inge Lango

Hans-Inge Lango

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in International Relations, Boston University

Interests: International conflict, civil wars, war expansion, war delegation

Cornelia Lawrence

Graduate student

Education: BS, Political Science and Writing, Texas Christian University

Interests: American Politics, Methodology, Political behavior

Photo of Louise Liebeskind

Louise Liebeskind

Graduate student |
Bats 1.118

Education: PhD in Government, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Ancient and early modern political philosophy

Katherine Madel

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science and English, North Central College

Interests: Education policy and rhetorical analysis of policy and politicians

William Matthias

Graduate student

Photo of Zachary McGee

Zachary McGee

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Political Science, Towson University

Interests: U.S. Congress, political parties, policy process, agenda setting, elections

Samuel Mead

Graduate student

Education: BA, Liberal Arts, St. John's College

Interests: Ancient political philosophy, early modern political philosophy

Jereny Mendoza

Graduate Student |

Education: B.A. Government & Interdisciplinary Studies, Eastern Washington University

Interests: American Politics, Public Policy, Latino Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics in the U.S., Race and Representation, Immigration Policy

Photo of John Meyer

John Meyer

Graduate student

Interests: Social and Evolutionary Psychology; Political Ethology; Qualitative Methods and Multi-Method Research; Latin America and Texas; Political Violence; Political Theater and Playwrighting; Voices of War; Military Ethics; Biography, modern British history and literature

Erica Mirabitur

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, University of Michigan

Interests: Foreign aid, multilateral organizations, public opinion

Photo of Carolina Moehlecke

Carolina Moehlecke

Graduate Student

Interests: International Political Economy: multinational corporations, foreign direct investment, international investment law, international regulation, policy diffusion

Photo of Megan Moeller

Megan Moeller

Doctoral Candidate |
Batts 1.118

Education: MS Statistics (2013) University of Texas, BA Political Science (2008) University of Michigan

Interests: U.S. Congress, political methodology, American politics, public policy, gender and politics

Philip Moniz

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, Central European University (Budapest)

Interests: Public opinion, political knowledge and psychology, electoral competitiveness, representation

Photo of Ashley Moran

Ashley Moran

Graduate student

Education: MALD, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Interests: Comparative constitutional law, divided societies, state fragility, democratic legal and institutional reform, the Middle East

Photo of Margaret Moslander

Margaret Moslander

Graduate student

Education: BA, Middlebury College

Interests: Public Law, American Politics

Austin Nelson

Graduate student

Education: MPPA, Political Science, Baylor University, BA, Politics and Philosophy & Religious Studies, Hendrix College

Interests: American constitutional law, American constitutional development, judicial politics, law and social science, philosophy of law

Xin Nong

Graduate student

Education: MPA, International Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin- Madison, BA, International Relations, Peking University, BA, International Liberal Studies, Waseda University

Interests: Political Economy of Development, Conflict, Violence, Democratic Development, Remittance

James O'connor

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, University of Maine

Interests: Early modern political thought, American constitutional law, David Hume and Jean Jacques-Rousseau, the relationship between faith and reason in both epistemology and government

Photo of Daniel O'toole

Daniel O'toole

Graduate student

Education: BA, Claremont McKenna College

Interests: Political Theory, Public Law

Photo of Hillel Ofek

Hillel Ofek

Graduate student |
MEZ 3.212

Education: B.A., Kenyon College

Interests: Foreign policy, international relations theory, history and practice of international strategy and diplomacy, classical and modern political thought, American constitutional theory, history of science.

Yul Min Park

Graduate student

Education: BA Yonsei University, MA, Political Science, Yonsei University

Interests: Media, public opinion, political behavior, voting behavior, political communication, democracy, quantitative methods, big data analysis

Photo of Luke Perez

Luke Perez

Doctoral Candidate |
Mezes 3.206

Education: B.A. The Ohio State University, M.A. Villanova University

Interests: American Political Development, American Political Thought, International Relations Theory, Grand Strategy, Congress

Photo of German Petersen

German Petersen

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, El Colegio de México

Interests: Anti-corruption, corruption, institutional change, democratization, authoritarianism, and public policy

Photo of Julianne Phillips

Julianne Phillips

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: MA, Political Science, SUNY University at Buffalo

Interests: Nuclear Deterrence and Counterproliferation, Alliances, Interstate Conflict, Game Theory

Henry Quillen

Graduate student

Education: BA, Government, Morehead State University

Interests: Ancient Greek Political Thought; Medieval Islamic Political Thought; Political Philosophy & Science; Political Philosophy & Religion

Photo of Annelise Russell

Annelise Russell

Doctoral Candidate, Director of Undergraduate Research for the Policy Agendas Project |
Mezes Hall, 5th Floor

Education: BA; MA, University of Oklahoma; University of Texas

Interests: American Politics, Public Policy, Political Communication

Photo of Peter Russell

Peter Russell

Graduate student

Education: BA, Politics and Government, University of Puget Sound

Interests: MENA, political development and political decay, political behavior in the modern world.

Nathalia Sandoval-Rojas

Graduate student

Interests: Comparative politics, judicial politics, public law, legal mobilization, Latin America

Christopher Sanfilippo

Graduate student

Education: BS, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interests: Ancient Greek political philosophy, especially Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon, and Aristophanes; the Socratic understanding of eros and of the human soul generally; the relationship between modern and classical political philosophy; Nietzsche, especially his response to Plato

Andrew Segal

Graduate student

Education: BS, Political Science, University of Louisville

Interests: Political institutions, governmental structure, electoral systems

Photo of Robert Shaffer

Robert Shaffer

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Comparative law, statutory design, natural language processing, computational methods, environmental policy

Brooke Shannon

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, University of Memphis

Interests: State and local government, social movements, Latino politics, political institutions, political trust, and political participation

Kyle Shen

Graduate student

Education: JD, Law, University of Texas School of Law

Interests: Comparative constitutional law, judicial politics, authoritarianism, human rights, international criminal law, Chinese politics

Photo of Ahmed Siddiqi

Ahmed Siddiqi

Graduate student

Education: BA/BS, University of North Texas

Interests: History of Political Thought

Barea Sinno

Graduate student

Education: MS, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Columbia University

Interests: Comparative politics, Middle East, mixed-methods, identity politics, ethnic conflict, sectariansim, political psychology, behavioral studies

John Stanley

Graduate student

Education: BS, Humanities, US Air Force Academy

Interests: Classical Greek political theory

Jamie Stokes

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science and French, Weber State University

Interests: Political behavior, gender politics, Congress, parties, campaigns and elections

Photo of Andrew Stravers

Andrew Stravers

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: BA, University of Wisconsin

Interests: International Lending; American Foreign Policy; International Political Economy; Overseas Basing Policy

Allen Sumrall

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: BA, Politics, Bates College

Interests: American Political Development (APD), American constitutional development, ideational and institutional development, and law, courts, and politics.

Photo of Joe Roberto Tafoya

Joe Roberto Tafoya

Doctoral Candidate

Interests: Latino Politics, Race/Ethnicity Politics, Immigration Policy, Research Methods

Calvin Thrall

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Temple University

Interests: International political economy, foreign investment, international organization

Diego Vega

Graduate student

Education: MSc, International Relations, London School of Economics

Interests: Latin America, Africa, political economy, international organizations, foreign policy, global south, postcolonial relations

Stella Wancke

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, University of Missouri- Columbia

Interests: International conflict, political economy

Daniel Weitzel

Graduate student

Interests: Comparative Political Parties, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, Political Methodology

Jonathan Wensveen

Graduate student |
Batts 1.102

Education: M.A., Political Science, Carleton University, 2013; B.A. (Hon.), Political Science, University of Lethbridge, 2011

Interests: Political Theory, Public Law

Avery Williams

Graduate student

Education: BA, Government, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Classical political thought, virtue, modern liberalism

Photo of Chun-Ying Wu

Chun-Ying Wu

Graduate student

Interests: Northeast and Southeast Asian Politics, Democratization, Political Culture, Multilevel Analysis

Wenhui "William" Yang

Graduate student

Education: MPhil, Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Interests: Violence, political economy, Chinese politics

Photo of Charles Zug

Charles Zug

Doctoral Candidate |
BATTS 1.118

Interests: Demagoguery in American Politics; Political Theory (Normative and History of Political Thought); American Politics; Public Law; American Political Development

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