The Department of Government
The Department of Government


Advising Bars

Advising Bars are placed on student’s records that are new to the major or are on scholastic probation.  Advising bars can only be removed by meeting in person with an advisor in the Government Undergraduate Advising Office.  It is the student’s responsibility to take care of all registration bars, including advising bars, BEFORE his or her registration time slot opens.


Upper-Division Government – 6 semester hours of lower division coursework in Government (GOV 310L & GOV 312L (or transfer equivalent(s))). 

The prerequisites for upper-division GOV courses will be enforced and ineligible students will not be allowed to register.  Some upper-division specialty courses have additional prerequisites.

Reserved Classes

GOV 310L, GOV 312L, and GOV 314 are generally open to all eligible students (except honors and Longhorn Scholars sections).  Some upper-division GOV courses are reserved for Government majors only.  Students who do not have the major code for Government will not be allowed to register for these courses. Students who have a recently declared major that will take effect in the next semester may have to choose unreserved GOV courses.  In most cases, all restrictions are lifted from GOV courses at the beginning of add/drop.

GOV 362L Government Research Internship and GOV 374N Political Internship both require students to have been accepted before registering for this class.  Typically, students need to apply the semester before they intend on taking either of these courses.

Closed Classes & Waitlists

The Department of Government does NOT waive students into closed classes under any circumstances, including instructor permission. 

GOV 310L, GOV 312L, and GOV 314 may have waitlists, and, if they do, the Course Schedule will show that.  Some upper-division GOV courses will have waitlists.  Some waitlists may be reserved for Government majors only.  The Government Undergraduate Advising Office cannot add any student to any waitlists (including reserved waitlists).

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