Susan De Luca

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Susan De Luca



WGS 340 • Foundations Of Social Justice

46925 • Fall 2016
Meets MW 9:30AM-11:00AM SSW 2.118
(also listed as S W 325)


This course carries the flag for Cultural Diversity in the United States. Cultural Diversity courses are designed to increase your familiarity with the variety and richness of the American cultural experience. You should therefore expect a substantial portion of your grade to come from assignments covering the practices, beliefs, and histories of at least one U.S. cultural group that has experienced persistent marginalization.


This course is based the following assumptions: 1.) membership in a population-at-risk group (e.g., people of color, women, gay and lesbian persons) significantly influences an individual’s life experiences, world view, and increases risk factors for exposure to discrimination, economic deprivation, and oppression; 2.) professional social work ethics and values demand culturally competent practices; 3.) it is necessary for students to learn to apply social justice approaches to influence assessment, planning, access to resources, intervention, and research; and 4.) professionals and programs have strategies to critically analyze distributive justice, human and civil rights, and global interconnections of oppression. There is an emphasis in this course on the impact of discrimination and oppression by individuals and society on people of culturally diverse backgrounds and orientations.

WGS 340 • Foundations Of Social Justice

46064 • Fall 2015
Meets MW 9:30AM-11:00AM SSW 2.118

Multidisciplinary course examining experiences and issues of gender in different cultures.

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