Institute of Historical Studies
Institute of Historical Studies

Panel Discussion: Deep History (Method Series)

Thu, April 13, 2017 | GAR 4.100

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This panel explores how an emphasis on long-term changes in ecology and neurobiology has challenged many of the research methods, conceptual frameworks, and forms of periodization that have been traditionally employed by historians, particularly those studying the more recent past. "Deep history" approaches history over centuries or millennia, going beyond the written record in its search of evidence, and engaging with the work of archaeologists, climatologists, geologists, and other non-historians.

"Deep-ish History: Questioning Records and Disciplinary Boundaries"
Erika M. Bsumek
Associate Professor of History
University of Texas at Austin

"Japan in Deep Ecological Perspective"
Mark Metzler
Professor of History and Asian Studies
University of Texas at Austin

"The Promise and Pitfalls of Deep History"
Megan Raby
Assistant Professor of History
University of Texas at Austin

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This event is part of the “Method” series introduced in 2016-17 by the Institute for Historical Studies to address the methodological challenges, old and new, of the historian’s craft.

Sponsored by: Institute for Historical Studies in the History Dept.

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