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Explore Media Offerings in the Institute’s Digital Archive

Thu, September 19, 2019
Explore Media Offerings in the Institute’s Digital Archive

Story by Tiana Wilson, Graduate Research Assistant, Institute for Historical Studies, and Doctoral Candidate in History, University of Texas at Austin.

Since 2015, the Institute has published recordings of many of its talks and discussions in the “Media” section of its website. The digital archive is comprised primarily of videos and podcasts, along with interviews with residential research fellows. Also showcased are features on IHS Fellows and Affiliates produced by Not Even Past, 15 Minute History, and KUT.

Podcast topics range from a talk on historians' perspectives on the history of science by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg, to a panel discussion on the 1967 Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia with critically acclaimed "Loving" filmmaker Jeff Nichols, to a workshop on applying for fellowships at the Huntington Library with Steve Hindle, Director of Research at The Huntington Library. Many other topics are treated in podcasts that can be found at:

cspan-gli-hsu-july-2018In August 2017, the Institute launched a library to host its video recordings, beginning with a panel discussion on “The Confederate Statues at UT.” Since this first recording, the Institute has uploaded about 10 event recordings. The History Department’s public history website Not Even Past hosts these videos on its You Tube channel, which supports a viewership of over 200 subscribers. Altogether, IHS videos have received close to 500 unique views there. View all of the Institute's available videos at:

Image above: Prof. Madeline Y. Hsu’s talk on “The 1965 Immigration Act and Contemporary American Society” was filmed by C-SPAN at the Institute for Historical Studies in July 2018 as part of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History’s weeklong workshop seminar for K–12 educators.

A number of Institute Fellows have contributed to 15 Minute History, a podcast devoted to short, accessible discussions of important historical topics. Co-coordinated by Not Even Past and Hemispheres, the discussions are conducted by faculty and graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. Listen to episodes featuring IHS Internal Faculty Fellows, Visiting Research Fellows, Research Affiliates, and Visiting Speakers, at Many of the podcasts are hosted by IHS Internal Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-2020), Christopher S. Rose, a founding co-host of 15 Minute History.

Institute Fellows have participated in the Views and Brews discussion series hosted by Rebecca McInroy on Austin's NPR Affiliate KUT, featuring experts, historians, musicians and others. Forums are usually held at the Cactus Cafe on UT Campus. Listen to episodes featuring Institute Fellows at:

The newly-initiated "Meet the Scholars" series provides a brief glimpse into the research and work of the Institute's Visiting Research Fellows, each of whom spends a year in residence at UT performing research, connecting with the intellectual community, and presenting pre-circulated papers for discussion. Watch interviews with IHS Fellows from the past two years as they discuss their projects and their time at the Institute:

Access the Institute's full library of recordings at, and learn when new videos and podcasts are posted by following us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as by subscribing to our You Tube channel.

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