Institute of Historical Studies
Institute of Historical Studies

Fellows & Affiliates, 2021-2022

Doctoral Student Fellows, Department of History, University of Texas at Austin

Alexander Chaparro-Silva
Project: Democracy and Race in the Americas: Readings of Tocqueville’s Democracy in America South of the Rio Grande

Sheena Cox
Project: The Mexican Empire under Agustin de Iturbide and Indigenous Texas

Gary Leo Dunbar
Project: Pacific Soundings: Race, Abolitionism, and the Birth of Mexican Citizenship

Rafael Nieto-Bello
Project: Relaciones in Response to a World of Questionnaires: Community Knowledge, Ethnicity and Legal Culture from the Spanish Empire’s Towns (c. 1570-1590)

Jesse Ritner
Project: Skiing on the Sacred: The San Francisco Peaks, Indigenous Rights, and the U.S. Ski Industry

Rodrigo Salido Moulinié
Project: Covarrubias’ Crossings: Picturing the New Negro and the Making of Modern Mexico

Haley Schroer
Project: 'They Have Always Worn Spanish Clothes:' Indigenous Elites and Sumptuary Legislation in Seventeenth-Century New Spain

Internal Research Fellows

Alison K. Frazier, Associate Professor of History
Project: Varieties of Virtue: Doing Well & Being Good in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Virginia Garrard, Professor of History
Revolutionary Foreign Clergy in Central America: 1968-1990

Aaron O'Connell, Associate Professor of History
Project: Nation-Breaking: The Global War on Terror at Home & Abroad

Megan Raby, Associate Professor of History
Project: “Being Natural”: The Scientific Lives of Marston and Nancy Bell Bates

Internal Postdoctoral Fellows

Juan Carlos De Orellana Sánchez
Project: The Politics of Knowing: Movement, Experience, and Political Writing in the Construction of the Spanish Indies, 1526-1700

Natalie Cincotta
Project: Contesting Sex: Visual Media and the Sexual Revolution in West Germany During the Long 1960s

Graduate Research Assistant

Ashley Garcia
Doctoral Candidate in History, and Coordinator, New Work in Progress Series

Visiting Research Affiliates

Rodolfo John Alaniz, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Project: Darwin in the Deep: Marine Invertebrates, Evolutionary Methodologies, and the Nineteenth-Century Debate Over Natural Selection

Paul Hirsch, Ph.D.
Independent Scholar
Project: Pulp Empire: The Secret History of Comic Book Imperialism

Marta Kane, Ph.D.
Research Associate in History & Social Sciences
University of Montpellier | Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (France)
Project: Franco-American Exchanges in Humanities, Social Sciences and Economics from 1870 to 1932

Carla Rahn Phillip, Ph.D.
Union Pacific Professor Emerita in Comparative Early Modern History, University of Minnesota
Project: Early Modern Exploration and Other Maritime Topics

William D. Phillips, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of History, University of Minnesota
Project: European World in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Lydia Pyne, Ph.D.
Writer and Historian
Project: Genuine Fakes: The Obsession with Authenticity

Joshua L. Roebke
Author, Instructor, Historian of Science
Project: The Invisible World: The Story of Physics in the Twentieth Century

Lena Oak Suk, Ph.D.
Independent Scholar
Project: In the Darkness of the Cinema: Gender, Race, and Urban Space in Brazil

Kristin Wintersteen, Ph.D.
Independent Scholar
Project: The Fishmeal Revolution: The Industrialization of the Humboldt Current Ecosystem

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