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William Inboden

Associate ProfessorPh.D., Yale University

Associate Professor, LBJ School; Executive Director, Clements Center; Distinguished Scholar, Strauss Center



HIS 365G • Us/Britain/Global Order-Gbr

39645 • Spring 2017

Description: In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Great Britain was the world’s dominant power and chief proponent of a liberal international order.  By the middle of the twentieth century, a badly weakened Britain was mostly replaced by the United States in those roles.  But British thinking about diplomatic and military affairs exerted a strong influence on American strategy, and the two nations formed what became known as the “Special Relationship.”  This course, to be held in London as a Maymester, will explore the diplomatic and military history of the United Kingdom and Great Britain and especially how the two nations have interacted and shaped each other’s national security policies and visions of global order.  Classroom sessions will include faculty guest instructors from the renowned War Studies Department of Kings College London, and the course will be supplemented with regular field visits to historic sites in London and throughout the United Kingdom.  The group will also make a visit to the battlefields of Normandy. 

Alan P. Dobson and Steve Marsh, editors, Anglo-American Relations:  Contemporary Perspectives (Routledge, 2013).

Walter Russell Mead, God and Gold:  Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World (Vintage, 2008). 

David Reynolds, From World War to Cold War:  Churchill, Roosevelt, and the International History of the 1940s (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Mark A. Stoler, Allies and Adversaries:  The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Grand Alliance, and U.S. Strategy in World War II (University of North Carolina Press, 2003).

Active participation in seminar (40 percent of course grade); daily reading response papers (20 percent); journal of approximately 20 pages due at the end of the program (40 percent).

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