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Admission for Current UT Students

Application deadlines: December 1 and May 1

Admission to the Humanities Program requires a few simple steps:

  1. Attend a Humanities information session. Scheduled times and registration are available on the Humanities website:
  2. Create a draft of your proposed Humanities contract, using the linked worksheet. The contract is the list of courses you plan to take as part of your self-designed major.  You will have opportunities to revise the contract once admitted into Humanities.  We ask you to submit one for your application to understand if your interests will be a good fit for the Humanities program.
  3. Submit these materials through the Internal Transfer application portal.
  4. Upon admission to Humanities Honors, you will be required to take HMN 102T Design a Path to formalize your Humanities major. Students must successfully complete the course with an A or A- to remain in the Humanities major. 


To apply for admission to the program, students should have at least 24 credit hours earned in residence at UT Austin with a preferred GPA of 3.5 or better (a gpa of 3.25 or higher will receive consideration). Students should generally apply before they have accumulated 70 hours of credit. Applicants who already have more than 90 of hours of credit will probably not be admitted to the program. First year students are particularly encouraged to attend information sessions, though they must complete their first year at UT before being admitted into the program. 

Exceptions to these prerequisites will be considered for students who have transferred to UT from another institution.  Transfer students are encouraged to apply to Humanities during their first semester at UT.

About the Humanities Contract:

The contract is an essential component of applying to the Humanities major. There are two contract models that students may follow while writing their proposal: original and alternative. The only difference between the two options is the grouping of course department hours. Both formats require students to determine core areas of interest, while still drawing from multiple disciplines.

If you are interested in the program but are not sure what you would like to research, then you can see view some our alumni interviews and some example contracts here.


Contract Dr. Linda Mayhew at with any questions, or call the Liberal Arts Honors and Humanities Office at 512-471-3458

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