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US Health Humanities Graduate Programs

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A rapidly increasing number of colleges and universities in the United States offer graduate and undergraduate programs in the Health/Medical Humanities, as well as in Bioethics. Recognizing the growth of such programs, the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics recently added a new CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code for “Medical/Health Humanities” (51.3204). Humanities departments and programs also exist within numerous medical schools. 

This resource, created as a collaboration between the University of Texas Humanities Institute and the Health Humanities Consortium, lists basic information for U.S. programs that offer master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, or other forms of graduate-level certification in the field. (Additions or corrections should be sent to Phillip Barrish.)

*Note: This list does not include graduate programs devoted primarily to clinical bioethics training, but information on such programs can be found here. Similarly, we also do not include history of medicine programs centered primarily in history departments; further information on such programs is available here. This list also does not include humanities programming or certificates available exclusively to medical or other health-professional students. For a study of such programming, see Klugman, C.M. Medical Humanities Teaching in North American Allopathic and Osteopathic Medical Schools. J Med Humanit 39, 473–481 (2018).  Finally, Lamb, Berry, Jones' comprehensive report on health humanities U.S. baccalaureate-level programs can be found here.


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bioethics , M.S

Bay Path University, Narrative Medicine, Graduate Certificate

Case Western Reserve University, Medicine, Society & Culture, M.A

Columbia University, Narrative Medicine, M.S/Certificate

Creighton University, Bioethics, M.S/Certificate

Drew University, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, MA/PHD/Certificate 

Fordham University, Ethics & Society, M.A/Certificate 

Georgetown University, Philosophy (Bioethics Concentration), PhD-PhD/JD-MD/PhD

Indiana University, Medical Humanities, Graduate Certificate

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Medical Humanities, Graduate Certificate

Medical College of Wisconsin, Bioethics, M.A

Northeast Ohio Medical University, Medical Ethics & Humanities, M.A/Certificate 

Northwestern University, Medical Humanities & Bioethics, M.A/M.D-M.A

Ohio State University, Medical Humanities & Social Sciences, M.A

Rhodes College, Health Equity, Graduate Certificate

Stony Brook University, Compassionate Care & Bioethics, M.A

Temple University, Narrative Medicine, Graduate Certificate

Temple University, Urban Bioethics, M.A 

University of Colorado-Denver, Health Humanities & Ethics, Graduate Certificate 

University of Louisville, Health Care Ethics, M.A

University of North Carolina, Literature, Medicine & Culture, M.A

University of Pittsburgh, Bioethics, MA-JD/MA-MD

University of Rochester, Medical Humanities, M.S.

University of Southern California, Narrative Medicine, M.S

University of South Florida, Medicine & Gender, Graduate Certificate 

University of Texas Medical Branch, Medical Humanities, MA/PhD/MD-PhD

Vanderbilt University, Health & Science, M.A