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Thank you for visiting the website for the Institute for Mental Health Research. The IMHR is an organized research unit within the College of Liberal Arts. It was established in 2012 and is supported in part by the Judith M. Craig, Ph.D. Excellence Fund for Mental Health Research. 

The overarching goal of the Institute for Mental Health Research is to conduct interdisciplinary research that uses advances in basic research with clinical and non-clinical populations to develop innovative treatments for mental health disorders. This type of work is often referred to as translational research--it strives to translate basic research findings into effective interventions. 

Many mental health treatments (with some notable exceptions) were developed without a strong understanding of the processes that maintain the disorders. Thus, our psychological treatments are often marginally effective, work for only a subset of patients, and treatment effects tend not to generalize beyond self-reported symptoms. Thus, a major emphasis of the research at the IMHR will be to conduct innovative and interdisciplinary research that can be used to develop more effective and tailored treatments for a variety of psychological problems. Please see this brochure or brief video for more information about the mission of the IMHR.

This critical goal cannot be reached without help from many people at all stages of the research process. In particular, people who support our research and participate in our studies make extremely important contributions. If you would like more information about us and our work, beyond what our website provides, feel free to contact me via email at  

Best wishes,

Christopher G. Beevers, Ph.D.