Institute of Mental Research
Institute of Mental Research

Sarah Kate Bearman

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Sarah Kate Bearman



Dissemination and implementation of treatment into typical service settings; treatment of youth anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior and post-traumatic stress disorders; treatment integrity, the development of therapist competence; clinical supervision.


Dr. Bearman’s research focuses on the dissemination and implementation of empirically supported practices (ESPs) for underserved youth in community settings. While the evidence base suggests that ESPs are efficacious for youth with a wide range of mental health problems, most of these interventions are not available in the settings where children receive treatment. Dr. Bearman’s research seeks to examine the processes and contexts that promote and support the effective use and sustainability of ESPs. Dr. Bearman also has many years of experience in the development, testing, and dissemination of effective treatments for youth. She is a co-author of a treatment manual for youth depression (Primary and Secondary Control Enhancement Training; Weisz, Gray, Bearman & Stark, 2008) and a trans-diagnostic manual for youth with anxiety, depression and disruptive conduct (Behavioral and Affective Skills in Coping; BASIC, Weisz & Bearman, 2010). She provides both clinical supervision and national trainings for therapists in the use of empirically supported practices (ESPs) for anxiety, depression, disruptive conduct and traumatic stress.

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