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IUPRA wins Georgetown Health Foundation grant

Fri, May 10, 2019
IUPRA wins Georgetown Health Foundation grant

IUPRA is proud to be the recipient of a second award from the Georgetown Health Foundation (GHF). The Foundation exists to generate and accelerate positive change in its Community’s health through strategic partnerships and funding. Read more about our grant below!

In 2015, the Georgetown Health Foundation commissioned a needs assessment, conducted by IUPRA. GHF wanted to understand both the opportunities and challenges facing low-income residents in Southeast Georgetown. IUPRA worked closely with the community to conduct research that led to the identification of 10 critical needs areas. Through this assessment’s findings and recommendations, GHF funded specific initiatives to address the community’s most pressing health needs. Read the assessment here:

Today, Georgetown continues to grow and change exponentially. While GHF acted to address the community’s needs through various initiatives, they now want to learn about the successes and shortcomings of those initiatives, as well as to examine what new needs and challenges the community is facing. Under Director Kevin Cokley’s leadership, IUPRA staff are using participatory-based research methods to perform a comprehensive program evaluation.

In the coming months, the research team will create a community advisory board and organize a series focus groups, photovoice sessions, and key informant interviews.

Some of IUPRA's GHF research team, including GRA Nina Clinton.

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