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As the leading policy research institute in Texas, IUPRA's work and the work of our staff is often featured in the press. To learn more about IUPRA's broad expertise, refer below to a list of articles featuring research by or interviews with our staff or articles featuring our research, events, and more.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IUPRA or The University of Texas at Austin.

2021's Most & Least Educated States in America  
Danielle Wright interviewed | Wallethub | February 2021

Civil Rights and Wrongs on KOOP - Part 1 here, Part 2 here
Tracie Lowe and Ricardo Lowe interviewed | KOOP 91.7 | September 2020

10 Reasons Skill-Building Leads to Social Mobility 
Collaboration between IUPRA and CapSource | CapSource Blog | August 2020

Listen to Black Lives Texas 
Tracie Lowe and Ricardo Lowe interviewed, IUPRA podcast covered | Life & Letters | August 2020

Schools in Travis County Are Not Just Segregated. They're the Most Segregated in the State.
Ricardo Lowe and Valerie Sterne interviewed, IUPRA research referenced | KUT | July 2020

25 Essential Black Voices on Mental Health and Wellness
Kevin Cokley listed | Relevant | June 2020

What is Juneteenth? 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Life & Letters | June 2020

How black history is taught in schools face new scrutiny 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | AP News | June 2020

Background Check: Investigating George Floyd's Criminal Record
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Snopes | June 2020

After the death of George Floyd, black UT students look to their university for support (Tracie Lowe interviewed)
Austin American-Statesman | June 2020
Go San Angelo | June 2020
Brownwood Bulletin | June 2020

Black Lives Matter and the Urge for Freedom 
Kevin Cokley as guest | Cultural Humility Podcast | June 2020

Black Men Face the Highest Risk of Death by Police in America 
Kevin Cokley as guest | Texas Public Radio | June 2020

Police Killings and Black Lives Matter Protests - Expert Panel with Newswise Live
Kevin Cokley as panelist | Newswise | June 2020

University of Texas Professor Discusses Racial Injustice
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Fox 7 Austin | June 2020

State Board Approves African American Studies High School Course Despite Controversy 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Spectrum News | April 2020

Will COVID-19 Affect Texas' Urbanization Trend?
Ricardo Lowe interviewed | Reform Austin News | April 2020

UT Austin Staffer Tells Peers to Stay Home and Break the Chain
Annika Olson interviewed | Spectrum News | April 2020

Annika Olson interviewed about young people, social distancing, and COVID-19 in response to her op-ed on CNN
CNN | March 2020
The Show Hit the Fan | March 2020

Black Hair: Unedited and Unbothered
Kevin Cokley interviewed | In Context | February 2020

Austin ISD losing 16,000 students to charter schools 
Ricardo Lowe interviewed | KXAN | January 2020

Imposter Syndrome 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute Podcast | January 2020

The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy Podcast, Episode 28 - Kevin Cokley 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Race and Democracy Podcast | December 2019

UT-Austin's inaugural W.E.B. Du Bois distinguished visiting scholar gives first lecture
Article covering an IUPRA event, interviewed Kevin Cokley | The Daily Texan | December 2019

Belonging Here 
Profile on Kevin Cokley | UT News | November 2019

As community engagement meetings wrap up, AISD trustees set to vote on four school closures Nov. 18
IUPRA participation referenced | Community Impact Newspaper | November 2019

African American Studies curriculum for Texas high schools statewide 
Kevin Cokley giving public testimony | November 2019

The Wakeup Call with Kenneth Thompson, 11-14-19
Ricardo Lowe, Annika Olson, and Faculty Fellow Dr. Terrance Green discussing the impact of school closures | KAZI | November 2019

Why EVERYONE should care about schools
Ricardo Lowe and Annika Olson interviewed (hear interview at 22:45-35:15) | The Rabble Podcast | November 2019

'Equity' Keeps Coming Up In Austin's School Closure Conversations. But What Does It Mean?
Ricardo Lowe interviewed | KUT | October 2019

AISD Trustees Share First Thoughts on "School Changes"
IUPRA research referenced | Austin Chronicle | October 2019

Imposter Syndrome Hits Harder When You're Black
Kevin Cokley research referenced | Huffington Post | October 2019

Faculty Members Inducted into UT Austin's Academy of Distinguished Teachers
Kevin Cokley referenced | UT News | September 2019

#RealTalk with Dr. Kevin Cokley: Race, Politics, & Legacy 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Naming It Podcast | August 2019

When it comes to hate, words matter, Statesman readers say (Kevin Cokley interviewed)
Austin American-Statesman | August 2019
Alice Echo News Journal | August 2019

Exclusion in STEM classrooms lead to lower graduation rates for minority students, UT study says 
Kevin Cokley quoted | The Daily Texan | July 2019

NC Democrats bash President Trump's controversial tweets while Republicans stay quiet (Kevin Cokley quoted)
Greensboro News & Record | July 2019
Winston-Salem Journal | July 2019

NC Democrats bash President Trump's controversial tweets while Republicans stay quiet 
Kevin Cokley quoted | Greensboro News & Record | July 2019

Time for an Awakening with Bro. Elliott, 7-14-19 Guest Dr. Kevin Cokley 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Time for an Awakening Podcast | July 2019

Safe as Texas in Texas? 'Words/Matter' at the Blanton 
Art exhibition review written by Lauren Lluveras | Glasstire | May 2019

Group raises awareness of high maternal mortality rate among Black American women 
Michele Rountree and her grant covered in this news story | KXXV | April 2019

Dr. Tracie Lowe on Black women's activism and leadership as political resistance 
Tracie Lowe interviewed | Race and Democracy Podcast | April 2019

Professor defends use of "n-word" in classroom 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | The Daily Texan | March 2019

Group Calls for Legislative Action to Address Texas' High Maternal Mortality Rate for Black Women 
Michele Rountree gives press conference at capitol | Austin Chronicle | February 2019

Advocates push for new maternal health legislation 
Michele Rountree interviewed and speaks at briefing at capitol | CBS Austin | January 2019

Police confront 2 men, 1 white, 1 black: Only 1 is shot 
Kevin Cokley interviewed | AP (subsequently published in newspapers nationwide) | January 2019

What is imposter syndrome? Michelle Obama says she has it, and "it doesn't go away"
Kevin Cokley interviewed | CBS News | December 2018

President's Award for Global Learning Teams Selected 
Kevin Cokley featured | UT News | October 2018

Texas Had A State Agency Tackling Institutional Racism. It's Now Closed.
Lauren Lluveras and Michele Rountree interviewed | KUT | September 2018

Colin Kaepernick and Nike
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Fox 7 Austin | September 2018

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome When You're Treated as an Imposter
Kevin Cokley quoted and research referenced | New York Times | June 2018

Is Texas a true democracy?
Lauren Lluveras interviewed | Fox 26 Houston | November 2017

Puerto Rico two months after Maria: 5 essential reads
Lauren Lluveras quoted | The Conversation | November 2017

Free speech panel explores reach on college campuses
IUPRA event coverage | The Daily Texan | October 2017

Puerto Rico: Down so long, it could be up from here
Lauren Lluveras quoted | CBS Money Watch | October 2017

Trump vs. the NFL: Did anyone win? Was anything accomplished?
Kevin Cokley quoted | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | September 2017

Puerto Rico's road to recovery after Maria
Lauren Lluveras interviewed | Fox 7 | September 2017

Should hate speech be banned on campus?
Shetal Vohra-Gupta and Naomi Reed interviewed by North Texas NPR station KERA | September 2017

Kevin Cokley interviewed about Trump's comments on Charlottesville
Fox 7 Austin | August 2017

Kevin Cokley interviewed about the events in Charlottesville
Fox 7 | August 2017

Naomi Reed interviewed by Stephanie Lang on KAZI
July 2017

Feel Like a Fake? The Imposter Phenomenon Makes Racial Discrimination Worse
Kevin Cokley quoted and research referenced | Black Enterprise | April 2017

Study: Imposter syndrome causes mental distress in minority students
Kevin Cokley quoted and research referenced | USA TODAY | April 2017

Resident apathy sustains Austin racial divide
Eric Tang’s IUPRA report referenced | The Daily Texan | April 2017

Police’s blood-splattered past brought to light in new shootings database
Amanda Woog quoted on deaths in custody | Houston Chronicle | April 2017

Ford Foundation Awards Fellowship to Advance the Study of Black Student Activism and Identities
kihana ross' grant coverage | UT College of Liberal Arts News | April 2017

Imposter Feelings Fuel Negative Mental Health Outcomes for Minority Students, Study
Kevin Cokley’s research on imposter phenomenon released
University of Texas News | April 2017
UT College of Liberal Arts News | April 2017
Medical Xpress | April 2017
Inside Higher Ed | April 2017

Finding mentors who help students soar
Kevin Cokley quoted on imposter phenomenon research | American Psychological Association | April 2017

Educational Psychology Professor Kevin Cokley Selected as a Fellow in UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers
UT College of Education News | March 2017

Caring for Black Male Students Requires More Than Good Intentions, According to Education Study
kihana ross quoted on her work | UT News | March 2017

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis says she struggles with 'impostor syndrome'
Kevin Cokley's work referenced | ABC News | Feb. 2017

Mount Airy mayor apologizes for controversial comments about African-Americans
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Winston-Salem Journal | Jan. 2017

Has Georgia achieved more racial progress than any other state in the nation?
Kevin Cokley interviewed | Atlantic Journal-Constitution | Jan. 2017

My Black UT Matter vigil supports student reflection on police-involved shootings
Kevin Cokley featured | Daily Texan | Nov. 2016

FOX 7 discussion: Reducing police violence
Kevin Cokley interviewed | FOX 7 Austin | Oct. 2016

Police in Texas shot 159 people over the past year as Houston led all cities in shootings by far
Amanda Woog quoted | Houston Chronicle | Sept. 2016

The Leslie Jones hack proves the internet still can’t accept successful dark-skinned women
Kevin Cokley quoted | VICE | Aug. 2016

7,000 Deaths in Custody
Amanda Woog’s Texas Justice Initiative launch coverage | The Atlantic | July 2015

KAZI discussion on affirmative action
Victor O. Obaseki interviewed | KAZI FM 88.7 | June 2016

The Ellison Report discussion on textbooks
Naomi Reed interviewed | The Ellison Report | Nov. 2015