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Room Reservation Requests

Please see campus guidelines for more information about holding meetings and events. 

Welcome to the LAITS meeting room reservation request form. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You will be contacted by email when your request is approved or denied. Reservations are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation number from the LAITS reservation staff.

RLP rooms are available for use by Liberal Arts faculty and staff for meetings and events.  Requests may only be taken from Liberal Arts departmental and unit staff.  These facilities are not available for classes, exams, review or study sessions, office hours, or student organizations.  Student groups are encouraged to contact the Liberal Arts Council to reserve the Wagner Student Workroom in the Dies Student Center. Students requiring a larger space are encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students.  

General purpose classrooms, located on the 0 and 1st levels of RLP, may be reserved through the Office of the Registrar.  The LAITS reservations staff cannot reserve general purpose classrooms. 

Reservation requests will be reviewed based upon the following schedule:

  • Spring Semester - first business day in September
  • Summer Semester - first business day in January
  • Fall semester - first business day of April
  • Conference, professional/annual meetings, and symposiums with 75 or more attendees may request space up to 9 months in advance of the event.  Requests for RLP 1.302A and F will be processed according to the regular semester schedule.


Before requesting a room:

Read the Acceptable Use Policy and the Room Use and Event Planning FAQ

We will make every effort to accomodate room preferences. However, rooms will be assigned based on priority, best-use, exptected attendance, and any special media or furniture needs.

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