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LGBTQ Studies Program in the News! The Austin Chronicle's Gay Place: Here and Queer

Thu, February 1, 2018
LGBTQ Studies Program in the News! The Austin Chronicle's Gay Place: Here and Queer
La Chica Boom helps usher in UT's queer studies (Photo by Xandra Ibarra)

LGBTQ Studies' Queer Camaraderie Symposium covered by The Austin Chronicle's Gay Place: 

Gay Place

Here and queer – UT Austin launches an LGBTQ Studies program



Is it us or does UT get queerer by the day? Tonight (and all day tomorrow – see below), the folks behind the university's new LGBTQ Studies Program are celebrating its official launch with a symposium on Queer Camaraderie. Described by program coordinator Grayson Hunt as an "eclectic mix" – think "part gay cabaret, part lesbian potluck" – tonight's opening (featuring a "Gay Place" fave: Oakland's La Chica Boom) and tomorrow's full day of panel discussions (on topics such as black queer diaspora, queer arousals, and racialized harm) was curated to celebrate and support UT's LGBTQ life on campus. It's also charting a path for the fledgling program. Launched this past fall, UT's queer studies is nestled under the Women's & Gender Studies department and originates from the work done by UT's LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster, which formed in 2004. Currently, interested students can enroll for either the graduate portfolio, an undergrad certificate, or minor in LGBTQ Studies. Among other goals, the program will be a source of power "in the face of oppressive institutions," says Hunt. On a lighter note, the symposium represents the "many things we do and the wide-ranging affiliations, friendships, and networks that we share across and beyond UT."

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