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Maureen Nicol joins LGBTQ Studies as the Program's first Graduate Research Assistant!

Wed, February 27, 2019
Maureen Nicol joins LGBTQ Studies as the Program's first Graduate Research Assistant!

LGBTQ Studies is thrilled to announce that Maureen Nicol has been selected as the Program's first Graduate Research Assistant! Maureen will work with Program Coordinator Grayson Hunt to develop and implement Faculty Workshops for LGBTQ+ Classroom Inclusion. These workshops offer faculty intersectional training centered on gender and sexuality; particularly how privilege, microaggressions, and bystander interventions express themselves in the classroom. The goal of these diversity and inclusion workshops is to help faculty hone their skills to increase student success.

We are delighted to have Maureen join us. Maureen Nicol is a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Early Childhood Education while pursuing a certificate in Women's and Gender Studies. She is the Founder and Director of Camp Story International - a pop-up arts camp which began in Sierra Leone in 2015. More locally, Maureen has worked as Project and Operations Lead for #BossBabesATX. Maureen is dedicated to creating change through education & teacher training. Her work aims to make schools a safe place for children where they can feel celebrated and become agents of change themselves. She is committed to working with young children and educators to ensure every child and teacher knows their value and power. Maureen is also researching and building arts integration curriculum for young girls, specifically young girls of color, in hopes that they come see the value of feminism. Maureen believes in building community and community organizing. In her free time she loves to cook, travel, and play with her dog, Toulouse.


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